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Rachel Corrie – Murdered by Israel

Rachel Corrie was 23 years old when she was murdered by an Israeli military bulldozer tank in 2003. This morning, after almost a decade long struggle to see justice prevail, an Israeli court decided that there was no negligence on part of the Israeli state or army and dismissed a civil lawsuit brought by her family.

As the video of a fifth grade Rachel Corrie testifies, she was driven by compassion, by truth and by justice and when she heard of Palestine she took action, she commented:

“I feel like I’m witnessing the systematic destruction of a people’s ability to survive”

Rachel Corrie was murdered by the Israeli authorities as she defended children, whose home was about to be illegally bulldozed in an ethnic cleansing operation to grab more land.

Just as the rapist blames its victims, as do the Israeli authorities sickeningly blame Rachel Corrie for her murder.

Just as a black man couldn’t get justice from the judiciary system in Apartheid era South Africa, anyone not inside the Zionist circle is exempt from justice in Israel today.

While the Rachel Corrie Foundation continue in their quest for justice, in the eyes of the people, Israel and its apparatus are stone wall guilty of murder.

Tom Dale who was present at the time of Rachel Corrie’s murder was scathing in his response to the Israeli court and the BBC’s attempt at an impartial interview.

The sheer hatred of Zionists has been typical, on twitter the following comment was typical and sums up the zionist mentality:

The IDF claim to be the world’s ‘most moral army’ and yet act with impunity.

You’d be wrong to think this was an isolated case, Israeli soldiers shot dead James Miller, a British television documentary journalist and Tom Hurndall, a British photographer and pro-Palestinian activist. In November 2002, an Israeli sniper had killed a British United Nations worker, Iain Hook, in Jenin in the West Bank.

British inquests returned verdicts of unlawful killings in all three deaths, but Israel rejected calls for the soldiers who killed Miller and Hook to be held to account. The Israeli military initially whitewashed Hurndall’s killing but after an outcry led by his parents and British government pressure, the sniper who shot him was sentenced to eight years in prison for manslaughter.

That sentence apparently did nothing to erode a military mindset that sees only enemies.

As Glenn Greenwald rightly points out;

The US and its loyal thinktank scholars have long demanded that other states maintain an “independent judiciary” as one of the key ingredients for living under the rule of law. But these latest episodes demonstrate, yet again, that the judiciary in the US, along with the one in its prime Middle East client state, is anything but “independent”: its primary function is to shield government actors from accountability.

Israeli courts have submissively accepted the supreme fiction of their own narrative: anyone impeding government actions is a terrorist or terrorist-enabler who gets what they deserve, while the actions of the state, no matter how savage, can never be anything other than legitimate.

The world is turning against the Israeli apartheid regime and Israel yet again is painting itself further into a corner and it only has itself to blame.

The Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions programme against Israel is one that all people of conscience should support. Caterpillar, who supplies the specially designed bulldozing tanks to the Israeli ethnic cleansing forces have just as much blood on their hands as the driver and those who gave the orders to kill.

It’s high time businesses put humanity before profits.

Rachel Corrie – one day, you and all those that have suffered at the hands of the Israeli’s will get the true justice you deserve.


This article was cross posted on the MPACUK website
8:06 pm, Tue 28 Aug 2012

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Why the Muslims will fail Babar Ahmad

Free Babar Ahmad!…but can Muslims be bothered?

The Israeli’s & “The West” as a whole have a policy of leaving no man behind enemy lines, it was proved with the recent Gilad Shalit case, but Muslims don’t really care about their political prisoners who are rotting in the belly of the beast and the Babar Ahmad case may just sadly prove it.

Just to remind you again, why your small contribution of a signature for the petition is so important. Babar Ahmad was arrested in 2003, without charge and was tortured during and since his arrest. All that is being asked for is a fair trial in the UK – a basic human right which has been denied for so many years.

The yankees have requested extradition for his apparent support of ‘terrorism’. If successful, his extradition would set a precedent, meaning the yanks can shout terrorism at anyone in the UK & our government would happily hand them over to be tried in a kangaroo court. This of course could happen to anyone, a blogger like me, or perhaps even you reading this at home.

It’s not a ‘Muslim Only’ issue, Gary McKinnon is up on extradition charges, wanted by the Yanks for apparently hacking their defence network. Most “Security” laws passed since 2001 have been done so because they go against the ‘Evil’ Muslims and are passed without much uproar from the general population.

That is until those very same laws passed against the pesky muslims are used against Dave & Gary, the good ol’ English boys.

Truth is, I know how difficult it is to get Muslims to sign a petition, believe me I’ve done it for years. Even when the government wanted to pass the 42 day internment detention for Muslims, you could get hardly any muslims to sign up to voice their opposition against it. Of course these are the same Muslims who would cry when their communities are targeted by Five-O.

3 Million Muslims in the UK

100,000 signatures needed

3.333% of Muslims needed to sign the petition

As of today 42,000 people have signed

Thats less than 1.5% of Muslims in the UK.

That is shameful.

The brother Shahid has put in effort to give you the Islamic justifications (like you needed it) as to why you should sign the petition.

Play your part in helping Babar Ahmad reach his first step towards justice – sign and share the petition.


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Black Panther Elmer “Geronimo Ji Jaga” Pratt Dies

Geronimo Ji Jaga Pratt the former Black Panther and FBI target who spent 27 years in prison before his murder conviction was quashed, died at his home in Tanzania the age of 63.

Geronimo was a Vietnam war veteran. He joined the Panthers in L.A. after returning from the war, and became the chapter’s “Minister of Defense.” His pregnant wife was murdered as a result of an internal power struggle in the group. Soon, Pratt was targeted by evil FBI radical-smearing program COINTELPRO, in an effort to destroy his credibility.

He was charged with a 1968 murder, defended by Johnnie Cochran, convicted, and spent 27 years in jail while always maintaining his innocence. From the LAT:

“The case was overturned in 1997 by an Orange County Superior Court judge who ruled that prosecutors at Pratt’s murder trial had concealed evidence that could have led to his acquittal.

A federal judge later approved a $4.5 million settlement in Pratt’s false-imprisonment and civil rights lawsuit.”

No wonder he moved to Tanzania.

Pratt was also the godfather of Tupac Shakur.

Here’s an interesting interview with him from 2003.

Elmer “Geronimo Ji Jaga” Pratt….Real Soldiers Don’t Die


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A Selective Approach to Western Justice As Butcher of Bosnia Ratko Mladic Goes to The Hague

Depending on what side of the fence you’re sitting on, you either view the arrest of Ratko Mladic with pleasure or disdain. The Akh is old enough to remember what The Butcher of Bosnia did, and when The Akh visited Bosnia & Croatia, the brutal legacy left behind by this man (and his followers in the Chetnik army) were nothing short of devilish.

For many young Muslims like myself at the time, we believed that this was yet another war against Muslims. Years later Radovan Karadzic admitted that the Serbs were engaged in a “just and holy war”, it was no rhetorical exaggeration, he and his supporters believed God was on their side, to battle against Muslims.

After the genocidal atrocities committed against the Jews in World War Two, the world collectively said “never again” would such acts happen again on European soil, so why less than 50 years later were concentration camps allowed to exist to exterminate tens of thousands of Muslims in Srebrenica?

Their aim was simply put:

“300,000 Muslims Will Die, They Will Disappear From The Face of This Earth”

Governments the world over want to know what it is that radicalises Muslims, all we had to do was turn on the TV and see for ourselves what the result of your political inabilities had resulted in – the slaughter and rape of Muslims, less than a three hour flight from London.

While the media talk about the great justice system we have, The Akh has to point out the hypocrisy and double standards being shown.

Ratko Mladic is known to be the General of the Serb forces that carried out these atrocities and yet he is captured peacefully and bought to trial, being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands in the the former Yugoslavian block.

Yet Osama Bin Laden, is executed, for apparently being behind the 9/11 attacks for which no proof has ever been presented, proof on which a legal case can be built and a prosecution built upon.

Western journalists and media have been sitting on the fence for so long now that they have splinters up their backside.

This selective approach on when and where the law should be applied does nothing but create friction and adds fuel to the fire that many Muslims believe –

There is a war against Islam.

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American Soldiers “Kill Team” video & pictures are war crimes of the highest order – no different to the My Lai massacre

The photos and the sick details that are emerging are horrifying, the evidence shows that the killings of civilians went beyond a few men in 3rd Platoon and may have been undertaken by other platoons as well.

The Pentagon went to extraordinary lengths to suppress the photos—possibly because of the fact that they implicated soldiers in other platoons—and, unsurprisingly, worries that they will create a scandal of Abu Ghraib-level proportions in Iraq.

The psychopaths like Cpl. Morlock above “talked about throwing candy out of a Stryker vehicle as they drove through a village and shooting the children who came running to pick up the sweets.”

The Kill Team Photos of yet more war crime images the Pentagon doesn’t want you to see are available to view by clicking through

The images are not pleasant so think twice before clicking through.

This reminds The Akh about the My Lai massacre committed by the Americans in Vietnam.

My Lai was a massacre that was successfully covered up for 18 months and was seen as a prime example of the Pentagon’s “Culture of Concealment” and of the lack of integrity that permeated the Defence establishment.

This is the reason why the people of Afghanistan are fighting you.

This has nothing to do with Al-CIAda or Talibans, the Americans are a brutal occupying force using the same scorched earth policy that the Russians used.

Each and every single layer in the chain of command should be investigated and tried, but just like what happened at Abu Ghraib, a handful of people will be scapegoated, and those responsible at the top levels will continue to act with barbarity and impunity.


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Yet More Israeli Hatred – Ben Yehuda St, Jerusalem, Catwalk of Jewish Extremism

In his latest vox pops Max Blumenthal takes a walk down Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall in central Jerusalem and meets some Jewish extremists.

The self certified “God’s chosen people®” showing their hatred yet again.

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Latest Video Footage of Today’s Anti Government Protests in Egypt #Egypt #Jan25 #Jan28

“Enough of this regime, enough of this corrupt regime” is the battlecry throughout Egypt tonight. The popular peaceful protests currently taking place in Egypt are massive.

Al Jazeera English has reported that they are at least twice as big as those that took place on January 25.

You can watch their live coverage from Egypt on the station’s website. So much better then BBC, CNN & Sky, with their “analysts” who are a “Who’s Who” of hypocrites. Ex-US officials that aided, armed & funded Mubarak’s thuggery.

You can also still follow #jan25 and #jan28 on Twitter where people are tweeting reports that are getting out.

Props to Mondoweiss

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Today Is The Day Free Speech Died – Wikileaks Website Shut Down – Free Speech Has A New Number:

The Wikileaks website has been taken down by their ISP after a massive Denial of Service (DOS) attack where vulnerable computers around the world are being hijacked by someone (wonder who that could be?) to bombard the Wikileaks site with requests.

The ISP has said this affects all the sites on their service so they are taking down the Wikileaks site.

WikiLeaks was booted from Amazon servers on Dec. 1, causing a brief outage, and tonight it went down again. The site had migrated to Swedish servers.

The WikiLeaks Twitter account (@WikiLeaks) took a while to respond to the outage, but finally spoke up, stating “WikiLeaks,org domain killed by US after claimed mass attacks.”

The DNS outage means that the domain name is down worldwide.

The Pentagon said Wednesday it could take down WikiLeaks if it wanted to, but to that point had decided against it.

There have been reports that Russia is interested in shutting the site down.

How very convenient.

Free speech died today.

At the moment there is still a way to access the site.

Free speech has a new number:

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Israel declares war on its people – The result of the “Citizenship” oath.

I reported on how Israel was forcing it’s Muslim, Christian and all non Jewish citizens to undertake an oath to the Jewish nation. I followed this up yesterday with the dire consequences this so called “law of citizenship” would have.

I want you all to see exactly what happens when the people refuse to abide by these fascist laws.

Israeli forces have razed the Bedouin village of Al Arakib in the north Negev five times since last July, sparking cries of ethnic cleansing and leaving more than 300 Bedouin homeless.

But determined residents, along with a handful of Jewish activists, continue to rebuild.

The government claims that Al Arakib was abandoned and, as such, belongs to the state. Israel calls the Bedouin squatters who “infiltrate” the area and settle it illegally. According to the state, these people must be removed to make way for a forest to be planted by the Jewish National Fund.

It calls the Bedouin “squatters” who “infiltrate” the area and settle it illegally.

Villagers, some of whom hold Ottoman-era deeds to the property, say that the Israeli army asked them to leave temporarily in 1951. Believing that they would be able to move back, they left.

But the Bedouin continued to cultivate the village land, harvesting pomegranates, olive and other produce. And more than a decade ago, they rooted themselves in Al Arakib once again, building houses and families.

Just days before the village was destroyed for the first time, Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, spoke of his fears of the Negev becoming “a region without a Jewish majority”.

Oren Yiftachel, a geography and urban studies professor, says the plight of the residents of Al Arakib “serves as a reminder that citizenship in Israel is very unequal”.

This story is emblematic of the Palestinian struggle; it also touches on questions about Israel’s treatment of it’s non-Jewish citizens.

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CNN: Israeli soldiers raped Palestinian children

Will there ever be an end to Israel’s depravity and barbarism?

This isn’t the first time that I’ve heard about Israeli soldiers violating people in their captivity.

There was the recent case of “Captain George” an IDF military intelligence interrogator accused in 2004 of sodomizing a Lebanese kidnap victim.

Then again being a rapist and serial torturer is a impressive skill to have on your résumé, after all that’s what got “Captain George” promoted to be the official liaison between the Jerusalem police force and the city’s Arab community.

So get this, an intelligence agent accused of conducting the brutal torture interrogation of an Arab is now performing a job described thus:

“The adviser must be an accepted and welcome figure in the Arab community, with excellent interpersonal skills – someone they feel they can trust, otherwise he cannot succeed in the job”

A senior police officer said.

Given his reputation as a butcher, the police appear highly satisfied with his work so far:

“There is no link between the previous role held by Major D. ["George"] and his current position. The officer is carrying out his duties to Franco’s satisfaction, and is contributing a great deal to the good relationship between Jerusalem police and the Arabs of East Jerusalem.”

You bet there’s a link.

He was a torturer before and he’ll be a torturer again.

If the police think this man can have anything but a bitter relationship with any self-respecting Arab in East Jerusalem, they’ve taken leave of their senses. But the statement above is window-dressing.

What the police really want George to do is be as brutal with the local Arabs as he was with the Hezbollah prisoner.


That is what wins awards as far as Israel is concerned. The Arabs according to this code can’t be reasoned with. They can only be dominated. Weakness is death. Overwhelming force commands respect.

That’s the ethos of Captain George and his fellow rapist torturers.

Zionism is powerful enough to change the definition of rape.

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