Just A Friendly Game of Football


In an ad for an Israeli mobile phone company, an israeli stormtrooper kicks a football over the “security fence” they use to keep Palestinians locked in the world’s largest open air prison/concentration camp and someone on the other side kicks it back.

A football game of sort ensues, and a voiceover says;

“After all, what are we all after?

Just a little fun.”

So, some Palestinians decided to kick a football over the concentration camp fence, to see if that’s what would really happen. Of course, the stormtroopers promptly sprayed them down with what looks tear gas but could very well have been white phosphorous or some other illegal biological weapon.

Have a look at how the israeli hasbara campaign continues unabated.

Imagine if the concentration camp in question wasn’t modern day Palestine, but 1940’s Europe, would we get an outcry then?

Cell-Com Advert:

Response To Cell-Com Advert:



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