Pilger on Obama’s ‘Chump Politics’

One of the only true investigative journalists, in every real sense of the word that the world has left, John Pilger speaks on Obama and blows apart the rebranding efforts of American imperialism.

Chris Hedges the author of Empire of Illusion, states;

Obama does one thing and Brand Obama gets you to believe in another, this is the essence of successful advertising, you buy or do what the advertiser wants, because of how they make you feel.

And so you are kept in a perpetual state of childishness.

This is chump politics.

Carlos Latuff illustrates it perfectly for us;

6th Anniversary Iraq War Obama




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2 responses to “Pilger on Obama’s ‘Chump Politics’

  1. Sapere Auda

    John Pilger provides facts that justify one’s nagging feelings of disquiet.
    A gut feeling is one thing. Facts are another.

  2. Pilger, the only good that came from Australia, barring Assange, Obama, has his mind/brain contained, however altruistic you may be, the restraints of a culture, has to contain the potential of good.
    From the inception of America, the brutality of the emigrants imposed upon the native Indians, has been documented to some extent, the American civil war, the many wars as with the British, French and Spanish, within America, not forgetting Mexican, Cuba and so forth.
    Is it surprising with this America and its history of blood? that little opportunity is possible to turn the tide upon this nation proud of its spillage of blood?
    I would be surprised if I had a conversation in private with Obama, if he denied that his hands are tied with regard to slowing the atrocities of evil tha America has such a abundance.
    Although we know better than to be committed to a ruthless and depraved system of atrocities, we are incapable of helping ourselves, daily, here in Australia, the public must economize on energy, consume less, use LED light bulbs and so on, with impunity we use bio fuel for military jet planes, with no regard to carbon.
    This hypocrisy is now so extensive, that any one who is not a hypocrite, is regarded as a freak, we extol those who make the effort of making money as honorable, frequently at the cost of our planet and the innocent.
    A mention of Prince Harry and his antics of nudity and his commitment and saga with the Black Hawk, helicopter and excursion to fight the Taliban, here some wish the Taliban success in any attacks upon there integrity, whilst it would be a most unfortunate incident if Harry’s helicopter had a fate that is compromised, subsequently a upset for the Queen, nevertheless, the peculiarities that can afflict the high and mighty, the tears I shed, would be for all those inhabitants in Afghanistan that have not invited those who have violated there sovereignty.

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