Would You Live in a Country That…..

…..Physically attacks people for protesting?

…..Murders those who do protest and then tries to cover it up?

…..Puts fear in to would-be activists and those who question government policy?

…..Does not allow free media coverage of protests and police brutality?

…..Tortures people and then lies to the world that “we don’t do this kind og thing”?

…..Tells the rest of the world about how they must change, yet is in complete denial about its own human rights abuses?

This is no tinpot banana republic.

Welcome to “Great Britain 2009”



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One response to “Would You Live in a Country That…..

  1. I do not have a problem with imports or exports, the problem for me is the conditions that surround these activities, such as the British exports of military equipment and allied sundries of oppression, the import of oil and the oppressive tyranny to obtain these resources.
    Whilst the lost, look on with wonder at the anachronism, of the Royals boating saga, and the thronging crowds that line the Mall, desperate to have a glimpse of the Royals on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, what makes all this worthwhile? the impoverished, filling the emptiness within, to see the Queens face light up with the aerodynamics of sky display, all for Her! this charade helped along with the backing of “God Save The Queen”, the slavish devotional singing of 250,000, subjects, and imports, with all her power and might, still requires the incantations of the forlorn, flag wavers and periscope voyeurs.
    The spoil of the day being Prince Phillips bladder. He started well on the Royal Barge, but could not keep up the pace, I am sure had Camerons ancestry been part of the Royals household of the day, having experience in “The Keeper of The Stools” would have managed to have over come such little inconveniences.

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