The Lockerbie Bomber & American Hypocrisy


Typically the Americans are claiming the moral high ground after Lockerbie ‘bomber’ Al-Megrahi was released on grounds of ill health.

Lets remember that Al-Megrahi was convicted of the Lockerbie tragedy on flawed evidence, the West needed someone to blame for the crime, and Ghaddafi’s Libya, the 1980’s terrorist safe haven of the world, fitted the bill perfectly.

I can draw parallels between the welcome Al-Megrahi was given and the welcomes given to the Bulgarian nurses and Palestinian physician convicted of the murder of Libyan babies on their return to Sofia.

Bulgarian Nurses

I didn’t see any condemnations and accusations from the British government or the US administration against the Bulgarian government for welcoming home those individuals who were convicted of infecting hundreds of Libyan children with HIV.

Neither the West, nor the Libyan governing party can claim any sort of moral superiority over the other, as the release in both cases was done in exchange for promises of lucrative contracts, and the exploitation of Libya’s wealth of oil and natural resources.

This is of course a fact denied by the foreign office, but the two faced duplicity of the unspeak used by politicians should let you draw your own conclusions.

While we are on the subject, the Americans can lecture no-one on the early release of convicted mass murderers.

Lieutenant William Calley of the US army, was tried and convicted for his involvement in the My Lai massacre in Vietnam where more than 500 village civilians were butchered in cold blood, Calley was subsequently sentenced to life in prison with hard labour.

He was released after three days, spent three years under house arrest, his sentence was reduced to 10 years and was then paroled and freed because he had served a third of his sentence.

This should come as no shock to any of us.

The US is the world’s self appointed police man, but when it comes to dishing out justice to its own, it is always found wanting.

How many individuals have been found guilty and served REAL time for their atrocities committed in Haditha, Fallujha, Abu Ghraib?

The list is endless.

And you want to lecture me about justice being served?

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