Legitimising Afganistans Elections

Daily Mail Headline 27 Aug 2009

The colonisers never lose.

They occupy a country, and then set up bogus elections to legitimise (in their own eyes) the selection of their own collaborationist puppets.

When the people participate in the voting, they say that this proves that the colonial project has been a success.

When people don’t vote (less than 10% in some provinces in Afghanistan), they say that they were intimidated by the terrorists.

If they were to have voted in large numbers, they would have said: they were able to ignore the intimidation of terrorists.

And despite the Americans’ presence, Afghan officials said 290 people voted here last week at what is the only polling place in a region the size of London.

The Beeb reported that special envoy US neocon Richard Holbrooke met with American Stooge President Karzai where concerns were raised about ballot-stuffing and fraud, with a second-round run-off in the air to make the election process more credible….straight out of W.Bush’s playbook the first time he got elected.

According to the Guardian, Holbrooke also met with Abdullah Abdullah (so good they named him twice…a bit like reggae reggae sauce I guess) on the same day.

Are the US looking to replace one puppet with another?

Still…Karzai can always go back home to Helmand…no, not Helmand in Afghanistan, Helmand the restaurant in Baltimore, USA where he and his family were all holed up for many a year before the American led war in Afghanistan….making Kebabs and the like.

His restaurants in Baltimore are said to be doing a flourishing trade in feeding rotund Americans…getting the morbidly obese yanks to chow down, what a real challenge that is….oh stupid me, running those restaurants must have equipped him with the skillset you need to lead and rebuild a country.

….how the hell do you go from being a restaurateur to President?

Answers on a postcard please.


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2 responses to “Legitimising Afganistans Elections

  1. Oli Townsend

    Shame, killed in the name of a rigged and flawed election with the afghan’s wrapped in fear and turmoil

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