Boycotting Israeli Dates

Recent reports on the illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories make it abundantly clear that any upcoming talks are likely to follow familiar patterns of old.

Israel will make noises about peace, while refusing to budge on the key issues of Jerusalem and the right to return of exiled Palestinian refugees. This will be further exacerbated by annexing land, expanding illegal settlements as well as the continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

As in the past, our government, and the US too, will respond with nothing more than token disapproval, a mere shrug of the shoulders.

It is therefore up to individuals to make it clear to the Israeli government, via a widespread boycott, divestment and sanctions programme, that there is a price to pay for more than sixty years of ongoing violations of international law.

Each Pound, Dollar, Dirham or Riyal spent on Israeli goods, will eventually become bullets to be fired at the hearts of mothers and children in Palestine. For this reason, it is an obligation not to help them by buying their goods.

To buy their goods is to support murder, tyranny, oppression and aggression.

The chappies over at MPAC have been campaigning on this precise issue for years, so view the video above and learn to spend your money ethically and demand that your local Muslim shopkeeper does not stock any produce of Israel.


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