The MET’s Finest Hard At Work


The UK’s biggest and most sophisticated gang, the London Metropolitan Police, have been taking their war against crime to new levels.

In an effort to teach people not to leave valuable items in their cars, ‘coppers’ will be wandering the streets looking for stuff to steal. If you don’t have your doors locked, the ‘rozzers’ will take your stuff.

Because they’re ‘Five-O’, they’ll also be kind enough to leave a note explaining what happened, but the point is to teach people to be more responsible.

‘Help us to help you,’

Is the message to car owners said Richmond Police Chief Inspector Duncan Slade in a statement.

So far the ‘po-po’ have only committed one robbery, while a couple dozen other potential capers were foiled when the car owners showed up.

In theory the idea seems not only bizarre but hilariously stupid, to see it put out into practice is quite baffling. You would have thought that they would have better things to do, catching drug dealers and foiling terrorist plans and the like, but I guess not.

But if we were wily thieves hearing of this public campaign, we’d just start leaving notes blaming ‘one time’ when we stole stuff….not that you heard me say it.


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