Never Forget: War Crimes In Fallujah & White Phosphorus

Throughout 2004, American forces led a series of battles, culminating in an all out attack on the Iraqi city of Fallujah.

This was the first time in modern warfare that White Phosphorus had been used as a thermobaric weapon on a civilian population.

Fallujah, The Hidden Massacre is a documentary film by Sigfrido Ranucci and Maurizio Torrealta, documenting the use of chemical weapons, particularly the use of incendiary bombs, and the indiscriminate use of violence against civilians and children by military forces.

Five years on, doctors in Fallujah have seen a monumental increase in babies born with severe deformities.


The rise in deformities have been linked to the use of chemical weapons by US forces.

Take the case of three-year-old Fatima Ahmed who was born with two heads.

The prognosis for Fatima never looked good and, as feared, she never made it to her fourth birthday.

Take the case of Tiba Aftan who was born with a huge growth across her face.

Now she is a toddler her future is looking brighter having gone to neighbouring Jordan to have it removed.

The growth had covered half of Tiba’s forehead and was invading one of her eyes – and it was getting bigger as she got older.

Although the operation was a success Tiba will need more surgery and the last trip cost her family almost every penny they have.

There are a wide range of problems – from abnormalities of the abdomen to facial disfigurements, and those are the ones lucky enough to be born, there are countless deformed foetuses which have not survived.

Dr Ahmed Uraibi, a specialist paediatrician in Fallujah, has gone on the record to state that the number of deformities he has dealt with has increased in the last year.

People want an independent investigation into the impact of the kinds of weapons used – including controversial white phosphorus, which was also used extensively by the murderous Israeli’s on the civilian population of Gaza earlier this year.

These are just few of the cases of deformed children in Fallujah that have been mentioned in the press, its not exactly a ratings winner, and lets be honest, who cares about Iraqi children?

The people of Fallujah want to know how many more deformed babies there will be before someone sits up and takes notice of them.


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