Is This What Zionist Belief Teaches?

Zionist throwing wine at passing Palestinian Woman

A settler occupier tosses wine at a Palestinian woman on Shuhada Street in Hebron. The approach of some settlers occupiers towards neighbouring Palestinians, especially around Nablus in the north and Hebron in the south, has often been one of contempt and violence.

Its not an isolated incident either, as Ynet propoganda reports that “A group of settlers from the Yitzhar area clashed Tuesday morning with Palestinians living in the West Bank village of Ein Abus.

Palestinians reported that the settlers had fired at a shepherd’s brother, who sustained light wounds and was evacuated to hospital by the Red Crescent. They also said the settlers had slaughtered 10 sheep.”

Notice the language.

Occupiers are “settlers”.

When armed settlers attack Palestinian civilians, it is called a “clash.”

And when Israeli terrorist soldiers attack unarmed Palestinians, it is also called “a clash.”


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