Zionist Conspiracy Plots? Don’t Be Absurd

Izzies showing off their propaganda tools

Zionists are being trained to fight the hasbara campaign on behalf of the terrorist izzy state.

By having a pool of trained bloggers to fight the online war for them, the izzies are doing everything in their power to ensure they do not lose the PR battle next time they go about their murderous ways.

“Aimed at tackling challenges faced by Jewish bloggers both here and in the Diaspora, over 300 bloggers attended the Second International Jewish Bloggers Convention in Jerusalem at Beit Avi Chai on Sunday evening.

Although the convention attempted to help bloggers discover how to best make use of the Internet for promoting their cause, Tova Serkin of JGooders warned that “social media are not the ‘magic bullet,” and explained that while the Internet is indeed “the future,” it remains merely a tool that needs to be harnessed.

The conference, titled “Uniting the Jewish Community through Social Media,” included eight workshops followed by two panel discussions aimed at advancing Jewish, Zionist and charitable causes.”


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