Masajid Dirar – The Masajids of Harm

During the month of Rajab in ninth year after hijrah, the Byzantine empire, which was considered the greatest military force on earth at the time, was showing great alarm at the rise of Al-Islam.

Caesar was in a predicament, he could no longer ignore the great benefits the previous battle of Mu’tah had bought to the Muslims, nor could he disregard the Arab tribes expectations of independence and their hopes of getting free from his influence and reign, nor could he ignore their alliance to the Muslims.

Realising all that, Caesar was aware of the progressive danger threatening his borders, especially Ash-Sham-fronts which were neighbouring Arab lands.

Caesar concluded that the demolition of the Muslims power was his number one objective. This objective should be achieved before the Muslims become too powerful to conquer, and raise troubles and unrest in the adjacent Arab territories.

To meet this aim, Caesar mustered a huge army of the Byzantines and pro-Roman Ghassanide tribes to launch a decisive bloody battle against the Muslims.

Unfortunately as well as an external enemy todeal with, the Muslims also had an internal enemy. There were many hypocrites filed amongst the ranks of the true beleiving Muslims and no sooner had the news about the Byzantine’s preparations for a decisive invasion against Muslims reached Madinah than fear spread amongst them.

They started to envisage the Byzantine invasion in every sound they could hear.

This state of mind of the hypocrites soon began to spread like a disease amongst the Muslims in Madinah.

The fact that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) had won all the battles he fought, and that no power on earth could make him terrified, and that he had always proved to be able to overcome all the obstacles that stood in his way – did not prevent the hypocrites, who concealed evil in their hearts, from expecting an affliction to fall upon the Muslims and Islam.

They used to harbour evil and ill-intentions against the whole process of Islam and the Muslims. On grounds of illusory hopes of destroying this great religious edifice, they erected a hotbed of conspiracy and intrigue in the form of a mosque — Masjid-e-Darar (the Masajid of harm).

They approached the Prophet (peace be upon him) with the request that he should come and consecrate the place by praying in it himself.

As he was at the moment about to start for Tabuk, he deferred compliance with their request till his return.

Meanwhile he came to know through Divine Revelation that it was not a Mosque for devotion and prayer but a meeting place for the anti-Islamic elements.

On his return, therefore, the Prophet (peace be upon him) sent a party to demolish this structure.

So what do we learn from this?

In todays age, we are always making new Masajids, extending Masajids, Alhumdullilah.

But do we create Masajids that are the centre of the community, that are run by the best people, equipped with the skill sets to lead our community?

In very few cases can we say yes.

The sad truth is that Masajids are a building, the building does not function unless it has people within it.

Unless we as Muslims understand the basic concept of utilising the skill sets our people have, then in effect our self appointed leaders are causing not only themselves harm, the wider community harm, but are also in serious danger of allowing the Masajid to become a place of harm.


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  1. Musab

    Good post and poignant points. So when orgs talk about Mosque reform, they can only mean, Muslim reforum.

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