Iranian Missiles Or Israeli Nukes – Whats The Bigger Threat?

Iranian missile

Iran is under intense international pressure to fully disclose its nuclear activities after the US and its allies disclosed that Iran had been secretly developing an underground uranium enrichment facility and warned the country it must open the site to international inspection or face harsher international sanctions.

On Thursday the US, China, Britain, France, Russia and Germany meet in Geneva and, by that time, Iran will be expected to submit to international scrutiny.

The media yet again is playing its part, the narratives offered thus far have been:

How Should We Deal With Iran?

Nobody wishes to talk about the only confirmed nuclear armed state in the Middle East.

In the 1960s, Israel successfully hid its weapons from US inspectors.

In 1986, Israeli nuclear technical assistant Mordechai Vanunu revealed information about the concealed stockpiles and has been effectively in prison ever since.

Israels Dimona Nuclear Facility

Israel no longer cares to deny that it has hundreds of atom and hydrogen bombs and devastating biological “tools”.

Netanyahu has been warning he will destroy the Iranian sites if his country feels the danger is real. Now he has just what he wanted – another crisis in the Middle East, to keep up the idea of plucky, vulnerable, endangered little Israel.

Alarmingly, even the liberal Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz is on side.

History has made too many Israelis fear all humanity in perpetuity and that fear brings out the worst in that nation. It has predictably rejected the long, sober, unbiased UN report on the last assault on Gaza chaired by Richard Goldstone. He accused Hamas of crimes against Jewish civilians and charged Israel with grave crimes, the breaking of the Geneva convention, punishing and terrorising unarmed civilians.

We’ve seen the images of these victims of Izzy brutality. Children turned to ash, blistered mothers weeping, and on and on.

There still is no respite for the hungry and dying in Gaza. If Israel can mete out such treatment and not be called to account, just think what the state feels entitled to do to Iran.

The Israeli human rights activist Gideon Spiro asks that his country be subject to the same rules as Iran and all others in the Middle East:

“Reign in Israel, compel it to accept a regime of nuclear disarmament and oblige it to open all nuclear, biological and chemical facilities and missile sites to international inspection.”

The US has leverage because it maintains and funds Israel.

If Obama shies away from this, there can be no moral justification to go for Iran or North Korea or any other “rogue state”. And the leader whose election and dreams gave hope to millions thereby hastens the end of the world.


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One response to “Iranian Missiles Or Israeli Nukes – Whats The Bigger Threat?

  1. U.S. has leverage but will most likely never do anything about Israel. The sad fact is that the American public has been propagandized to such a degree that any president who opposes Israel too much is not going to be elected for a second term.

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