Its Official! – Conservatives Will Win The Next Election

Rupert Murdoch has never backed the wrong horse in a general election.

The Sun - 01 October 2009

The king maker has thrown his full support behind the tories, ditching his 12 year support for the new labour project.

Weeks prior to the 1992 general election The Sun The Scum newspaper decided it would back the tories. On the day of the election itself it ran the following front page:

The Sun - Election Day 1992

Guess who won that election?

A couple of days later, they ran the following front page:


In 1997 Murdoch anointed a new king:

The-Sun-backs blair 1997

Guess who won that election?

See the pattern yet?

And today, after 12 years of backing labour, he’s decided to go with Cameron’s tories:

Sun2 - 01 10 09

The media are making a big thing that this backing is irrelevant.

Its interesting to note that one Andy Coulson went from being an editor at one of murdoch’s newspapers, to the tories spin doctor director of communications.

On their website today, the propaganda machine went into overdrive:

Sun OP Page2

If I were a betting man, I would judge the previous form and I would know which horse to back.

Watch over the coming months as the pressure gets cranked up on Labour, there’s going to be sleazy stories, more dodgy expenses, you name it, all bets are off, murdoch’s media empire will play the dirty game, and Labour will lose.

I can’t stand Labour, they sold their soul to re-invent themselves, launched wars of choices with their american compadres which killed, displaced and destroyed the lives of millions and took huge chunks out of our civil liberties.

We are sleepwalking into a tory government, whom I suspect will be even worse on all counts.



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