How Israel Supports The Slave Trade

Qaddifi UN

Now that all the hype has settled over his grandstanding antics at the U.N. that overshadowed Muammar Qaddafi’s attempt to demand $7.77 trillion in reparations for the original holocaust, the African slave trade.

Naomi Klein’s cover story in Harper’s breaks down how Israel has stood in the way of black people getting reparations for the slave trade.

You can read the full article Minority death match – Jews, blacks, and the “post-racial” presidency here.

So what you really see here is the success of an extraordinary misinformation campaign that was launched in the aftermath of the first Durban conference to discredit a very important forum, because it was seen as potentially a threat to Israel.


Because it could potentially apply international law to Israel.

And it didn’t they would use any misinformation to discredit the gathering.


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