America’s Rebranding Complete As Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

America have gone full circle from being the most hated to the most loved nation on this earth, as President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, less than nine months after taking office.

He hasn’t ended the wars in Iraq (what happened to bring the troops home?) and Afghanistan (where 40,000 extra troops are to be deployed).

He refuses to get tough with Israel, even though you have seen the refusal of the zionist state to cooperate with the wishes of the international community.

This was such a sham and smacks of political opportunism and cheapens the Nobel Prize.

This is supposed to be a prize that rewards concrete behaviour and concrete action.

But instead it seems this prize was given in the hope that it will change Obama’s mind or encourage him to do things he hasn’t done — keeping in mind this is a candidate that ran a campaign that was much more based on hope and wishful thinking than it was on concrete policy.

So we have hopes being piled on hope and wishful thinking.

Have a look at some of the incisive comments made by Naomi Klein and Tariq Ali on Democracy Now!

Here’s a couple of lesser known facts about the Nobel Prize:

Alfred Noble, the man who founded the Nobel Peace Prize, was in fact the inventor of Dynamite and Gelignite He also the founder and owner of Bofors, a major armaments manufacturer.

In 1938 the prize committee couldn’t decide whether to give the prize to Hitler or to Gandhi.

The irony of a ‘Peace Prize’ being founded by a man who made his name and fortune from death and destruction is pretty apt today, seeing a war president is given the prize, but then again, americans don’t really get irony.

Could it be that Obama got the award simply because he is not the previous president, and wants to feign the illusion that america is no longer on the path of going it alone.


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