Buy Yourself An Arab Dictator – No Reserve Price!

Arab Puppets on Sale Ebay


Get yourself a great package deal!

Arab puppet dictators made in the USA, cheap, servile, resourceful, 100% unelected, “moderate” label, “New Middle Beast” certification, “New World Disorder” 90001 certified, among the useful functions of your “Arab puppet dictators full kit”:

They will:

– Sell national resources for nothing.

– Spend billions in useless US military hardware and other WMD, thus helping the military-industrial complex.

– Give access to bases for wars of aggression against independent countries or resistance groups (the so-called “bad guys”).

– Give green light to any US agency for regional hegemony, control of oil, gas and minerals.

– Repress with an absolute brutality their peoples aspiration for true freedom, national independence, social justice, dignity, control of the economy and foreign policy, military defence capabilities.

– They will respond in real time 24/7 to any order from the DoD or the White House.

– They respond very well to CNN and other tools of imperial propaganda.

– They are well domesticated, they exhibit various postures, they walk on your side, they sleep in their own cute little box.

– Warning: some of the US government supported puppet dictators are training or financing real sectarian of fanatical groups in order to keep alive the imperial doctrine: “divide and rule”.

Arab Puppet Ebay2

Special bonus !!!

All benefits for the average Joe

Buying them will help the arab people in their quest for freedom and justice, it will end the petro-dollar recycling system and it will end the inhuman, barbaric wars waged by the US empire against poor people and small resistance groups, it will defuse all extremism, it will force a profound change in the economy, giving resources back for the real economy, for life, for social and human development in north america and in the middle-east and not for greedy war makers, weapon sellers and mercenary firms.

Buy your puppet dictator full kit now !


In the name of hundreds of millions of arab citizens and in the name of a billion muslim men women and children, thank you in advance. We will be very happy to send them anywhere in the US (or elsewhere, even antartica) with FREE shipping!

Don’t miss the opportunity.

We may even pay you to get them in a package deal.

Bid Now!

bid now


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