The Enemy Within – Reviewing The Channel 4 Documentary

Enemy Within Channel 4 Documentary

Channel 4 had an hour long documentary on Monday night, titled, The Enemy Within.

It attempted to show how similar 19th century jewish/anarchism and modern muslim radicalism are – finally a different perspective is being poured on the issue.

Going through what can only be described as a busy period in the life of The Akh, I didn’t get to see the programme when it aired on Monday night, instead I made do watching it at work, during my lunch. Having to explain what I was watching to my co-workers when they walked past to see explosions on the screen, was at first amusing, but by the fourth explanation got tiresome.

So, the faux documentary itself was an attempt by its creators to highlight the status of Muslims in Britain, by juxtaposing their struggle to the anarchist and downtrodden jewish movement, who by all means, caused a certain amount of uproar in the latter parts of the 19th century (feel free to research for yourself).

At the time this caused a huge, disproportionate panic among the press, the public and the political high class. This was at a time when only the rich could vote, and their was no Labour party or a David Lloyd George to be seen.

The film consists of modern British Muslims, reciting words attributed to the Victorian era bomb throwers.

Hopefully it got across the point that young Muslims who are marginalised and live on the fringes of society, have a right to air their views as much as anyone else does, they have a right to feel angry and alienated by a racist, never ending, pre-emptive foreign policy, where we have to support the americans in their colonial pursuits.

The fact that we know that 179 UK troops have died since 2001 in these illegal wars, and we can name them all, and know their intimate stories and how many children they have left behind, pales into comparison when you consider that over a million Iraqi civilians have died, several million have been forced out of the country. Afghanistan? well we don’t even keep tabs on what goes on there.

Can you name 179 Iraqi’s or Afghans that have been killed? never mind telling me their stories?

It is this precise hypocrisy that gets Muslims angry, the government knows it, yet refuses to accept its murderous foreign policy is the catalyst in driving people to this stage.

The underlying message is that their is a paranoia being peddled about Islam to the masses via the conduits of self interested individuals and a corporate, politically motivated media to further exacerbate our differences in the never ending war OF terror.

If you missed the documentary, you can do like I did and catch it on the Channel 4 website here.

……Avoid watching it work though


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