Let Battle Commence – BNP On Question Time

BNP Whiter Than White

Yeah I Said It! makes a very timely point, concerning the appearance of “Chairman Nick” on tonight’s Question Time.

This whole saga has split public opinion right down the middle, on one hand you have those who cannot see beyond “free speech” (what even if it is bordering on incitement of racial hatred?) but we’re constantly told that we have to allow them a platform to air their views, no matter how abhorrent they are.

A strange decision by a public funded broadcaster.

On the flipside we have those who totally and rightly, oppose the racist, nazi views that the BNP are promoting.

We see through the hypocrisy of the whole situation.

Muslims are constantly beaten with the extremist stick – it seems we are the only ones who should be challenged on our views – but when extremists like Griffin & Geert Wilders are welcomed into our institutions to air their prejudiced views, the furore is far tamer.

I’m sure I’ll be tuning in to the ding-dong tonight, let’s just hope the “distinguished” panel have the balls to go hard at Griffin, anything less will be a travesty.

On a sidenote, I applied to be part of the Question Time audience, guess the BBC had met their quota of outspoken Muslims on this occasion.


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