Palestinian Land “Belongs To The Jews” Says Israeli Army Judge


How the izzies can claim to be the shining beacon of law and democracy in the Middle East is beyond a joke. They employ a man whose hatred for the indigenous population is so blatant it becomes laughable even trying to defend it.

This is a man who has to listen to the Palestinians appeal against being ethnically cleansed from their land.

Not one single Palestinian has successfully appealed their case of being evicted from their land in front of Agassi.

…and you honestly thought that the executioner would show his victims any mercy?

Yet more zionist schemes to forcibly remove the Palestinians and steal the land, all under the eyes of a watching international community, who are scared to act, in case they get hit with the anti-semitic stick.

Major Adrian Agassi is an Israeli army lawyer and military judge.

He is responsible of arguably the most significant battle in the occupied West Bank – the confiscation of Palestinian land for the construction of illegally built Jewish occupation zones – and has come to see himself as in service of a higher duty.

In an unusually frank interview with the Guardian, which offers insights into the melding of religion, politics and law that underpins land seizures in the occupied territories, Agassi has laid out his belief that Israel has a biblical claim to territory beyond its borders and that he, even as an immigrant, has a right to live on it when those born there do not.

“When we [Israelis] say that this is a political conflict, then we lose the battle,” he told the Guardian, adding that it should be remembered that the ancient land of Israel is “given to us by the Bible, not by some United Nations”.

Agassi, one of the most important officials in the military courts wielding authority over large parts of the West Bank, says settling Jews on lands that made up ancient Israel stands above all other biblical commandments and only when it is done can they have “a promised land and a promised life”.

“You say that these lands ‘passed into Jewish hands’. Others would say that they came back into Jewish hands. Others would say that they are obviously ours, inherently,” he said. It was, he claims, a mistake to call it the State of Israel. “If we would have named it the State of Jews, the Arabs would have understood that this land belongs to the Jews.”

Agassi served in the legal department that oversaw the confiscation of land in the West Bank to build Jewish settlements and was then appointed to the military court that decided Palestinian appeals against the seizure of their property. The Palestinians almost never won. His court also ruled on legal disputes between Jewish settlers and Palestinians.

Agassi denies his credo affected his legal judgments but his court was considered so biased by some critics that on one occasion the military prosecution, in an unusual step, appealed against Agassi’s ruling in favour of settlers to Israel’s high court.

Agassi says a peace agreement with the Palestinians “goes against nature” because as far as he can see nothing had changed in last 4,000 years in the land of Israel, and that back to biblical times Arabs and Jews were at each other’s throats.

Agassi uses the term Arabs because he claims Palestinians do not exist.

He came to this conclusion over the past decade while serving as a special judge for administrative arrest. Based on confidential intelligence reports, without trial, Agassi sent several hundred Palestinians – deemed to be terrorists or security threats – to prison for six months or more.



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4 responses to “Palestinian Land “Belongs To The Jews” Says Israeli Army Judge

  1. sherjeelawan

    This statement is debatable

  2. Anonymous Zionist Coward (Again)

    By the way, the ISRAELY society, does not claim to be a perfect democracy, which nation could make such a bald claim? But when compared to any Muslim/Arab state, it certainly is a beakon of hope, relative to the violence and opression practiced by all of its neighbours, it is a shining light. The joke is on the people of the Arabic nations, and what an unfunny joke that is.

  3. Anonymous Zionist Coward

    You can debate this issue as much as you like and attempt to ridicule the statements made by Major Adrian Agassi as much as you please.
    TRUTH will always be the truth, and the Jewish people have occupied what is currently known as the land of Israel since the dawn of civilisation i.e. for over 4000 years, hence they are the TRUE indigenous people of the land.
    This is indeed significantly before the birth of Islam (c.2500 years before) or indeed the so called Palestinians which do not exist! They are simply a collection of Nomadic Arabs who have wondered from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, rejected from their own countries and expelled unto Israel as they have gone along, whereby their intention is to serve as terrorist puppets for the Islamic extremists.
    The Jewish people have always occupied the land (currently called Israel) from c.2000 BCE to this very day. The Arabs and other conquerors have been and still are the occupiers.

    The UN as an establishment and its resolutions are an absolute farce, they should be ignored, and the West Bank (insinuating that it sits in Jordan!) is indeed Samaria or the East Bank of Israel, the word West Bank and the talk of the UN is mere wind. The UN is arguably far worse than the feeble League of Nations which preceded it, at least the League stood for something.

    The so-called Palestinians have already been provided a state that is over 5 times the size of Israel including Samaria, it is called Jordan (from Trans-Jordan); therefore, their new state should be carved out of the land they have already been given.

    The Jewish people have stood still to allow the desecration of the second Temple in Jerusalem, with the Dome of the rock being built upon the holiest site in Judaism, an area falsely claimed by the occupiers of the land in the Ottoman era, and all because Mohammed apparently slept there over-night. This is yet another example of the expansionist and despicable behaviour of the Islamic regime, to desecrate and claim the history of others; it will eventually tumble as more people open their eyes to the truth.

    My final point is for all of those who are unaware of the facts; seek them out and you will realise the truth. The solution to this situation is to return the land of Israel rightfully and unequivocally to the Jewish people. The occupiers (Palestinians) can then return to theirs.

  4. hotterthanapileofcurry

    @ Anonymous Zionist Coward

    The zionist state was founded on terror, it thrives on lands stolen from its neighbours at gun-point, and is hell bent on making its illegal occupation permanent.

    The continued defiance on all UN mandates & the pretence of the self promoted myth of being the only democracy in the middle east show the blatant lies & hypocrisy.

    The zionist regime’s chances of creating a decent image are minimal no matter how clever the spin.

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