MP’s State Its “Unfair & Not Natural Justice” To Payback Expenses

Lightning strikes

The contempt for MP’s won’t go away until they have repaid all unreasonable expenses claimed.

Anne Widdecombe MP says the Legge inquiry (a whitewash in my opinion) is unfair and is not “natural justice”.

Does she really think that the performance of our MP’s, with regard to their opulent working conditions, their generous salaries, expenses, allowances, holidays, subsidised travel, food and drink…(do I need to continue?) over the last thirty years has been fair and just?

Perhaps they should be made to live on a minimum wage or a state pension.

Everyone of them knew beyond a reasonable doubt that the system so many abused would never have existed and could only survive whilst out of the public scrutiny.

And they ensured that the system was kept under wraps for as long as they could.

It’s precisely the greed and the connivance of these corrupt MP’s which has led to a deterioration in the public’s confidence of their elected representatives. This apathetic situation has led to the rise of right-wing nazi extremist elements like the BNP & the EDL gaining momentum for their causes.

Forget the technicalities.

Repay or resign.


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