Do Not Allow War Criminal Tony Blair To Become EU President

Blair - The Times 29 Oct 2009

Tony Blair should be sent to Europe, to face a war crime tribunal in The Hague, not as the new President of the EU.

For some time now, increasingly insistent news reports have made evident a wish, in some quarters, to see Tony Blair appointed the first President of the European Council.

In violation of international law, Tony Blair committed this country to a war in Iraq that a large majority of European citizens opposed. This war has claimed over a million victims and displaced millions of refugees. It has been a major factor in today’s profound destabilisation of the Middle East, and has weakened world security. In order to lead his country into war, Mr Blair made systematic use of fabricated evidence and the manipulation of information.

The steps taken by Tony Blair’s government, and his complicity with the Bush administration in the illegal programme of “extraordinary renditions”, have led to an unprecedented decline in civil liberties.

Sign the petition here, stop Blair the butcher of Baghdad from being made the EU President.


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One response to “Do Not Allow War Criminal Tony Blair To Become EU President

  1. The Economist recently referred to the candidacy of the Belgian prime minister as “comical” while Tony Blair’s would be quite good for the EU standing next to the US. While Blair is a good choice as a figure head, the Belgian prime minister is perhaps superior in negotiating common positions (which is necessary in divided Belgium). I have just posted on what might be behind the British position here.

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