“Seek Knowledge Even if it Means Going to China”….So I’m Going to China Then!

Huaisheng Masajid

The Hadith may be disputed, but one fact that cannot is that Sa’ad Ibn Abi Waqas Radhi Allahu Anhu (May Allah be pleased with him) one of the Great Sahaba (companions of the prophet) took the message of Islam to China within 70 years of Islams introduction.

So perhaps the hadith is true?

The meaning to me is very clear. You seek (Islamic) knowledge as much as you can where you are living.

Then once you’ve exhausted your sources, you have to travel to where that knowledge is.

You go to Muslim countries, you go wherever, even if it means going to China.

The Chinese are beating us hands down when it comes to new technology, so "The Akh" is off to China, heading up a delegation to see how we can work with some "tech holders".

I will be trying to update the blog with a travellers journal as and when I can, so bear with me if I don’t update on the regular, but when I do, I’m sure It’ll be worth the wait.

I am aware of the "Great firewall of China" so i’m not sure how the censorship will work when I get there.

I ask you to remember me in your duah’s for protection and a safe return as well as making the trip a successful one.


This is Akh The Angry Academic Activist signing off. (for a few days at least)



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