Unbelievably…Israel Claims It Was The Real Victim In The Gaza War!

Israeli Palestinian sides

The kill ratio was 100-to-1 in the favour of the izzies. The destruction ratio was much, much greater than that. To this day, thousands of Muslims in Gaza are living in tents because the zionist state let them import cement to rebuild the homes they destroyed. They turned the Gaza Strip into a disaster area, a humanitarian case, and we’re keeping it that way with their blockade.

Meanwhile, on the Israeli side of the border, it’s hard to remember when life was so safe and secure.

So let’s decide: Who was the victim of Operation Cast Lead, the Muslims of Gazr or the izzies?

No question – the israeli’s.

The Israelis were the victims and still are.

In fact, their victimhood is getting worse by the day.

The Goldstone report was the real war crime. The Goldstone report, the UN debates, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Red Cross, B’Tselem, the traitorous soldiers of Breaking the Silence and the Rabin Academy – those were the true crimes against humanity.

This is what’s meant by “war is hell.”

It is the izzies who’ve been going through hell from the war in Gaza. It is they who’ve been suffering.

The Muslims in Gaza?


What’s everybody talking about?

The izzies let them eat, don’t they?

This imaginary monologue is how israel actually sees itself today.

They initiated the war in Gaza, they waged one of the most one-sided military campaigns anyone’s ever seen – and they’re the victims.

They’re fighting off the world with the Holocaust; witness Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the UN with his Auschwitz props. “We won’t go like lambs to the slaughter again,” vowed his protégé, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, in a cabinet discussion of the Goldstone report.

Auschwitz, lambs to the slaughter, Operation Cast Lead. To Israelis today, it’s all of a piece, it’s one story, one unbroken legacy of righteous victimhood.

The truth is that the State of Israel has never been a victim, and to liken themselves to those who died in the holocaust has been embarrassing from the beginning – but now? After what they did in Gaza? With the stranglehold they have on that society, while they live free and easy?


Lambs to the slaughter?

The israeli’s?

No, this has gone beyond embarrassing; this is out-and-out shameful.

And, despite their excuses, it’s not that we’re “traumatized” by the past into believing that they’re still weak, still the frightened, powerless Jews about to be led to the gas chambers. Many Holocaust survivors still believe this, and to some very limited extent, this vestigial fear still takes up space in the Israeli mind.

But by now, 64 years after the Holocaust, we know, whether we admit it to ourselves or not, that we aren’t the victims anymore. We know we aren’t a continuation of the 6 million but rather a deliberate and stark departure from them.

THE REASON they tell themselves and the world that they are victims is because they know, whether they admit it to themselves or not, that victimhood is power.

Victimhood is freedom.

A victim can’t be told to restrain himself.

A victim fighting for survival can’t be accused of abusing his power because, after all, his back is to the wall, he’s desperate.

On the facts, it’s very hard to convince ourselves, let alone the world, that Gaza and its Kassams have pushed Fortress Israel’s back to the wall, that we’re desperate, that we’re struggling to survive. So, to convince ourselves and the world that this really is so, we do two things.

One, we refuse to acknowledge any facts that mar this image of ourselves as victims, and instead go over and over and over only the facts that fit the picture.

We talk only about the thousands of Kassams fired at Sderot; we never mention the thousands of Gazans we killed at the same time.

We talk only about Gilad Schalit; we never mention the 8,000 Palestinian prisoners we’re holding.

And we never mention our ongoing blockade of Gaza or the devastation it does to those people.

The second thing we do to convince ourselves and the world that we’re still victims is to never, ever, ever let go of the Holocaust – because that’s when we really were victims. Victims like nobody’s ever known, victims a million times worse than the Gazans.

Auschwitz, lambs to the slaughter. Remember us, the people of the Holocaust? That wasn’t the Middle East’s superpower you saw fighting in Gaza.

That was the 6 million.

So you can’t blame us. We’re immune from your criticism. We’re the biggest victims the world has ever known. We’re desperate, so don’t tell us about kill ratios and disproportionate use of force and collective punishment. We’re fighting for our survival.

This is what we tell ourselves and the world, and, in the face of what we did and are still doing in Gaza, it has become intolerable. We are not the 6 million. The 6 million were powerless Jews three generations ago; we cannot wrap our abuses of power in their tragedy.

Instead, let’s take a good, hard look at what we did and what we’re doing in Gaza. Then let’s take a good, hard look in the mirror. And then let’s admit who’s the true victim here and now, and, more importantly, who isn’t.

Taken from an excellent article on the JPost


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