Akh’s Adventures in China – The Pictures


Taqabbal Allah Minhaa Wa Minkum

A (belated) Eid Mubaraks to each and every one of you!

Insh’Allah this reaches to find each and every single one of you in the best of health, spirits and the highest of e’maan.

I managed to get back in time for Eid, but ever since have been laid low with the flu, readjusting to the climate, being in different time zones, jet lagged and the killer – not enough sleep…and being thrown in at work without a break all had The Akh feelin’ down.

So, for a simple post, I’m putting up the pictures I promised, I was going to redo the original blog posts with pics attached, but thought “naw forget it”.

A big Jazak Allah Khairun to all of you for keeping me in your thoughts and following my adventure’s, apologies I haven’t been able to reply individually to all of your emails, but I’ll get round to moderating your comments, hopefully I’ll continue to serve up some thought provoking material in the future.

For now sit back and enjoy:

Due to the hasbara lovin’ zionists who have been frequenting my blog, I will not be posting up any pictures of myself, for obvious reasons I have had to become the GFK (my kung fu heads should know what that stands for) I will be posting up some of their mad rants and dissecting their arguments in the coming days.



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7 responses to “Akh’s Adventures in China – The Pictures

  1. Shu

    Jzk for the pictures. Really enjoyed the whole ‘Akh in China’ series.

  2. Meat

    You say boycott Israel, so why do you not boycott china who occupy East Turkistan and who recently where killed by Chinese. The chinese policy is to destry Uyghur identity. WHere is your boycott of them.

    • hotterthanapileofcurry


      I would have thought the difference between the inherently racist ideological zionist state and china is obvious, if it wasn’t, please allow me to make that distinction for you.

      China wasn’t formed 60 odd years ago by means of nefarious political skulduggery and the ethnic cleansing of its indigenous population, Israel was.

      • Meat

        You say China is not racist to Uyghurs. Then why do they try and stop them from fasting. Isreal does not do that. Why are the China demolishing the old city of Kashgar similar to Israeli doings. China is settling millions of colonisers, something Israel cannot do on the Chinese scale. What about forced abortions, or forcing Muslims not to prey if they want to keep there jobs.
        Have you forgotten all of this.
        So China should be boycotted along with Russia and any other colonising nation of Muslims.

        In fact China was formed by the overthrowing of the Qing dynasty in 1912 who where not Han but Manchu rulers over the Han. As for the occupation are you denying it is such a thing.

      • hotterthanapileofcurry


        If you read my original post then you’ll know my feelings of the PRC against it’s Muslim populace.

        The PRC are a communist state, who do not allow the practice of any religious beliefs, be that from the Muslims or the Tibetans.

        The zionist state continuously block Muslims from gathering for prayer, especially at Al-Aqsa.

        The zionist state thinks of nothing to use snipers on pregnant women, elderly and children.

        The different between israel & china is that Islam’s original Qibla was Al-Aqsa (modern day Jerusalem) and the systematic destruction of it’s history and colonisation of its land with the acquiescence & backing of the west is an ugly stain on the history of this planet.

        The zionist state has been shipping people in their millions onto the stolen land for decades now, the “jewish” character of israel has been eclipsed by the imported populace of the former russian bloc, who now outnumber the so called indigenous israeli’s. The majority of these people are unable to travel around the world freely, but israeli citizenship gives you free movement throughout the western world.

        I will not be approving anymore of your comments, as I have said everything that needs to be said on this subject.

        I am in the process of writing a piece on Islam & China, which I should have done within the next few days, I suggest you come back and read it when it’s posted and I’ll see what objections you’ll lodge then.

        Akh the Angry Academic Activist.

  3. Sohaib

    Bro, I loved the series. I will visit China one day soon. In fact, I intend to travel to Japan from Britain by road. I plan to document my journey as I explore the world. This will be my first major treck of atleast 4.

    Mashallah, looks like you had a good time and got to experience a lot of new things. I look forward to seeing your article on Islam and China. Make sure you write something about the Muslim Shaolin called Wang Ziping and his families part in the Boxers Revolution!!

    Take care, and looking forward to hearing from you

    Br. Sohaib

  4. Meat

    Again you call it Islam in China. Why do yo not refer to it as occupied East Turkistan.
    I am also not in objection to boycot of Israel and support Palestine. But it seems that the occupation of Uyghurs has been forgotten as it is refered to as Chinese muslims or Muslims of China.
    Refer to it as it should be a colonial occupation.

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