Amir Khan, Racism & Allegations of Anti Semitism

The boy done did it again!

There’s an old adage in boxing, that you don’t get paid for overtime, judging on this performance, Amir Khan is a man in a hurry to face and beat the best out there.

Dmitry Salita and it appears the JC believe that the boxer was floored in 76 seconds by alleged antisemitic abuse as he walked into the Newcastle arena.

And there was me and several thousand others who watched the fight – if it can be called that – thinking that it was several speedy combo’s to the head of salita.

Before the fight, Dimitry Salita was described as ‘looks Russian, prays Jewish and fights black’, all I can say is that he laid down quicker than a lady of the night.

The Akh was supposed to attend the fight, but a combination of returning from a long trip abroad, the onset of a high temperature (not man flu) meant my ticket was graciously gobbled up by a friend. When I put the allegations of any anti-semitism to him, he flatly refused to accept it, it didn’t happen.

Judge for yourself by viewing the full fight above, which starts with Salita’s walk into the ring.

Before you think being booed constitutes anti-semitic abuse, get a grip, any foreign boxer who is up against a British fighter, fighting here in Britain will get booed.

Although both Khan & Salita spoke of their admiration for one another in the post fight presser

Although some of our own bloggers have fallen for these allegations.

Prior to the fight, Amir stated that if “If I were white, I’d be a superstar” a claim his camp quickly tried to downplay. Even though his promoter Frank Warren admitted that their is an “unfair agenda” being promoted against Khan. Perhaps if you read some of the vile comments written under the youtube clip above, you can understand his feelings. After Khan’s sole defeat against Breidis Prescott, comments like “the paki deserved it” were sadly common.

The readership of the JC were not supporting Britain’s world champion, they were supporting the ukranian/american/israeli.

Perhaps they should be subjected to “Tebbit’s Cricket Test”, after all, aren’t Muslims always accused of supporting Pakistan (or their country of origin) over England?

Why not apply it to the JC readership – scared of being hit with the antisemite stick?

In fact, the “juicy” aspect of a Muslim V Jew was not discussed by Muslim media/commentators in the build up, though thats all the JC focused on. Whether it was reporting on bringing supporters up to newcastle or a rabbi blessing salita or discussing the aspect that his religion plays in his boxing.

Contrast this with Amir Khan, the kids in a no win situation, his first fight came weeks after the 7/7 bombings, immediately he was seen as a poster boy for British Muslims, almost apologising for the 7/7 atrocities, like he had anything to apologise for. His team have managed to control what he says to the media, to ensure his mass appeal, imagine Amir making a “No VietCong Ever Called Me Nigger” style statement like Muhammad Ali did.

No, neither can I.

If I could level a charge against him, it would be that perhaps he and his handlers are afraid to play up his faith. After all Salita has it written into his contract that he will not fight on the Sabbath, yet what if Amir was fighting the day after Eid, traditionally a three day holiday. Imagine the islamophobic outcry if he had demanded that, or he had cut short a media session to offer salaat.

A lot of Muslims actually resent the fact that somehow he is seen as representing them, and the faith of Islam. Face it chappies, any Muslim in the media eye is seen as a representative, get behind and support, rather than sniping on nameless chat rooms.

The most interesting development was that this fight was co-promoted by Amir Khan, the first fight he co-promoted and it looks like the boy and his team will take more of the business side on to their own plate.

Britain doesn’t know how to celebrate a winner, British boxing can proudly say it has three genuine world champions, Amir Khan, David Haye & Carl Froch, with many more poised to grab their share, but for how long are they going to stick around?

Amir Khan has already said he’ll be off to conquer whatever the americans can throw at him.

I for one wish him all the best.

Wasn’t it funny to see “Prince” Naseem Hamed, even funnier that he took credit for Amir’s win.



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2 responses to “Amir Khan, Racism & Allegations of Anti Semitism

  1. Hi!. Thanks for the info. I’ve been digging around for info, but there is so much out there. Yahoo lead me here – good for you i guess! Keep up the good work. I will be popping back over in a couple of days to see if there is updated posts.

  2. AK Fan!

    I love AK!

    No matter what the critics say, he will be THE BEST!

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