Snowed Under

The Akh has been stuck due to the continuing snow that is pummelling his area of residence. The picture above was taken yesterday on the way back from work.

Despite leaving early, it took three hours before I was home.

All major hills had been shut down by the police.

Over the last three days I haven’t seen a single gritter out during the cold snap.

The reason?

The district council is broke…invested all their money in iceland (oh the irony)…the country…not the supermarket…now the road’s resemble a supermarket car park…and they try and spin it that the levels of snow and ice were unprecedented.

So, The Akh had to ditch his car and trek the last mile and a half home, simply due to other cars being abandoned on the roads.

Bearing the freezing weather this afternoon, I went, dressed like an arctic explorer to dig my car out, and was (not surprised) to see so many cars left on the road, while not seeing a single gritter and all the salt bins were empty, either all used up, or were never filled in the first place.

It’s not just me who is spitting mad, reading some of the comments in the local rag shows systemic failings at the heart of local government, not that they will ever hold up their hands and admit to it.


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