Have A Merry Israeli Christmas

I know you’re sitting their stuffing your face, watching the Queens speech, bang in the middle of a festive fever that overwhelms this nation for the customary annual binge called Christmas. Forget the recession as you are told to spend, spend, spend on an excess of food and alcohol and extravagant presents.

You also have the luxury of unrestricted travel to see relatives or take a foreign holiday.

A far cry from the kind of Christmas that’s possible in the illegally occupied and blockaded territories of the Holy Land…

UN resolutions, Geneva conventions, previous agreements, arab peace initiatives and official policies of the US and other nations are ignored.

The zionist state continues to demolish Palestinian houses, expanding it’s occupation in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

For a whole year, the residents of Gaza have been living (if you can call it that) huddled under make shift tents under plastic sheets in the rubble of their former homes.

Despite offers by Palestinian leaders and international agencies to guarantee the usage of essential imported building materials such as cement, lumber and glass not to be used for any “defensive military operations” the zionist state has refused to permit the entry of such materials into Gaza.

The izzies love to repeat the mantra of not negotiating with terrorists, but has had an entire year without any “terrorism” and still hasn’t negotiated.


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