Where’s the Processions for the Dead of Afghanistan?

For all the talk of the merits of whether or not it’s right that Anjem Choudary’s mob should be allowed to march through Wooten Basset The Akh wants to know where is the self righteous media who extol the virtues of respecting the dead, but fall deafeningly silent to speak about the dead of Afghanistan, and I hasten to add those killed in Iraq.

Where’s the processions for all those who have died in the illegal wars launched since 2001?

All we hear is of the dead British troops, but not one single mention of the deaths of the indigenous Afghans since the beginning of operation ‘panthers claw’.

Why is that?

The British and Americans, like the Russians before them, are seen as a foreign occupying force.

The media toe the government line and will not report on the deaths of Afghan civilians, as this will harm the “war effort” back home.

Nothing has been achieved in Afghanistan, and Britain’s mission could last for up to 40 years according to General Sir David Richards.

Don’t people understand that by killing more people, all you are doing is motivating the next generation to take up arms.

Am I the only one who refuses to trade in humanity for patriotism?



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4 responses to “Where’s the Processions for the Dead of Afghanistan?

  1. Tehlolz

    There’s one problem with your logic my dear sir.

    You’re living in England. You’re not living in Afghanistan.

    Here in England we have gatherings to respect OUR fallen soldiers and those that have died fighting in the war. Regardless of how we feel about the war, we have silence for them and respect their death because they’re OUR people. Many other countries follow in this practice, it is not uncommon.

    The reason we do not commemorate the death of anyone else, be it America or Afghan soldiers, is because they do not come from England and are not OUR brothers and sisters.

    In America and Afghanistan, they can respect their dead fighters and they do so. That’s because they are from that country and thus their family.

    You say in your “About Me” section: “You can try and label me as a moderate, an extremist, a militant, an islamist”.

    I label you as a fool who is just trying to pick a fight. Whilst you may not care about this “label”, it’s something you should think about. I have not read any of your other blog posts, however instead of fighting for “your community” and separating yourself from the English you should be embracing them and their values because for as long as you live here, you will be a part of the English family.

    If you wish to respond, then reply in the comments below.

  2. javed

    i couldnt have explained it better nothing to add…

  3. akhi 2

    so you are only allowed to stand up for a person if he is from the same country as you. Forget global humanity, forget justice.
    This is the justice of the family. You must support the family (UK) even if they are out murdering.

    Lol, you can stick your might is right, or family is right where the sun don’t shine.
    We will continue to strip the mask and veil from your so called democracy, and expose you for what you are, a greedy , tin pot dictator, who crushes all dissent.

  4. Sunny

    How many more dead civilians in Afghanistan will there be?

    This latest operation is sickening, I heard that another 20 odd people were murdered by a nato bomb today.

    yeah, you’re really gonna get the people on your side like that.

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