Flying While Muslim To Be Made A Crime

We’ve had a shoe bomber, the lucozade bombers and the most recent, the underwear bomber. As each so called terror plot gets more and more bizarre it’s beginning to echo what the A-Team may have dreamt up if they were locked up in a barn, surrounded by the whole US army.

The response by the government, its agencies and the “terrorism & security experts” who are always wheeled out to present their arguments with such sterling conviction is getting beyond tiresome, it’s all good crying about “intelligence led solutions” (an oxymoron if their ever was one) after the event, so why don’t we see these self certified experts giving us some real solutions?

Every response carries the seeds of a disastrous and counterproductive security policy, discrimination heightens existing tensions and will destabilise the practical and effective protocols in practice.

This blatant racial and ethnic discrimination will fail.

Targeting an already marginalised ethnic group via increased racial profiling, shake downs, strip searches and full body scanning demonstrate the lack of foresight, as the authorities believe the MO for the next attack will remain the same as the last one. Security experts can only see what has gone on before and have no ability to comprehend the nature of future possible threats.

It is a systemic failure in the intelligence network to prioritise, share and take action is the Achilles’ heel of air security.

Instead of streamlining and focusing on intelligence sharing, the policy makers keep on resorting to gimmicks to show the masses they are actively fighting the threat and in turn the masses believe that the government is acting with our best interests at heart.

The government is equally guilty of continually perpetuating this failed process, Gordon Brown throws his weight behind the deployment of full body scanners. The fact they have limited value appears lost on this government, who would do anything for a positive photo-op.

Nigeria are right to feel aggrieved that the US has decided to target it’s entire population by putting it on a watch list, along with a dozen other countries.

I thought the days of stupidity in the US administration went with the “Dubya” and his acolytes, the new empire seems to be on the exact same course when it comes to its foreign policy.

The undearwear bomber, Umar Abdul Muttalib, was not influenced in Nigeria, he was not recruited or trained in Nigeria, he was not supported by Nigeria in any shape or form whatsoever.

So why does the US decide to target this and other countries based on this one off incident?

Even a blind man could spot the hypocrisy, after all, 11 of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi nationals, do you remember any threats levied to Arabia?


We do not need knee jerk responses, we have the right to demand some hard evidence be shown to back-up which initiatives are necessary and with a proven track record, because we can see your schemes which are based on illusion and blatant racial discrimination.



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  1. Tamika Perniciaro

    Hello there – just a little note to say thanks for this entry. Very good.

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