Thinking of Flying? Get A PHATWA

Seeing we’re all being profiled whenever we fly, the absurdity of the situation means that sometimes you just have to sit back, throw your hands up and just laugh, it’s better then crying.

For all the Caucasian’s out there who are advocating increased security, without addressing the core of the issue – why would someone want to blow himself up – foreign policies – watch The Narcicyst break it down.

Welcome to our world, And by ‘our’, I mean for all those who rock a beard or a kufi, whether your Asian, Arab or African, Ali to Zubair, Ayesha to Zahra, Hijab to Niqab…this is our world, these are our realities.


Better get a PHATWA.


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One response to “Thinking of Flying? Get A PHATWA

  1. Step

    Exactly the info I needed.


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