The People Of Gaza Raise Funds For Haiti

Palestinians, living in the Gaza Strip under years of Israel siege, are donating what little they have to help those struck by the earthquake in Haiti.

The reason for the destruction might be different, but Palestinians say they understand Haiti’s pain.

Relatives of Palestinian prisoners also participated in the drive, with many offering financial donations and goods including blankets and covers, as well as food and milk for children.

Head of the Committee to Break the Siege Jamal Al-Khudary said

People may be astonished at our ability to collect donations from our people [in Gaza]; we tell them that this is a humanitarian campaign and our people love life and peace…We are here today supporting the victims of Haiti … we feel for them the most because we were exposed to our own earthquake during Israel’s war on Gaza

A group of international lawyers and human rights activists accuse Israel of committing “genocide” through its crippling blockade of the Strip.

It’s heartbreaking to see all the stars out in full force behind Haiti not that I am taking anything away from Haiti, yet ask yourself how many of these celebrities would or have spoke up against the man made disaster and holocaust that has been inflicted upon Palestine & Gaza by Israel?


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