Afghan Resistance Deploy New Weapon….Kung Fu

The Resistance in Afghanistan and Pakistan have unleashed a devastating new weapon to aid them in their resistance to the occupation of their lands. They have no drones or laser guided bombs, but a proven Eastern technique that is thousands of years old…Kung Fu!

The above video came across The Akh’s radar and shows Sifu Mubarak Ali Shan and his students hard at work and shows the rapid growth in popularity of Kung Fu in the area.

The Beeb touched upon the rapid rise of Kung Fu among both sexes in Afghanistan.

The Government is being forced into a position where it now has to negotiate with the people who they said they could never negotiate with.

The latest brain wave is to set up a “reintegration fund” (bribe) to entice Taliban fighters, mainly locals, away from war into peace.

The Resistance in Afghanistan has been gaining momentum, the most recent episode being the shooting down of a US drone

The Afghans are not stupid, and they can see what this conference entails, The Toronto Star reported:

The Taliban are dismissing this week’s Afghanistan conference in London, saying it will produce no more results than previous gatherings organized by “the invaders,” meaning the U.S. and its allies.

Offers of economic incentives will not draw away fighters from the movement because they are not fighting for “money, property and position” but for Islam and to end the foreign military presence.

The statement said the eight-year international presence has benefited no one except “drug dealers, corrupt people, human rights violators and land occupiers in government offices.”

The Afghans sure do know how to win a war by means of attrition, and that is precisely what we have been dragged into, thanks to our government’s mongrel marriage of convenience with America.

The Western Governments policy of intervention has all but failed.

This is especially true of the British government, which called today’s conference.

You should note that governments tend to call such conferences when things are going badly. They do not need to do so when things are going well.

I have to agree with the views of Sir Rodric Braithwaite, the former British ambassador to Moscow who said:

“The Americans, and therefore we, are redefining our goals. Instead of demonising the Taliban, we now contemplate the possibility that some of them could become part of the solution, an Afghanistan run by the Afghans themselves. That is welcome, the beginning of strategy.

But it takes two to tango, and the Taliban may believe that they have less to gain by talking to President Karzai and his foreign supporters than by sitting it out until we leave anyhow.

“The path to the exit door is still likely to be protracted, tortuous, and bloody.”

Clausewitz stated that;

“War is a mere continuation of politics by other means”

It is upto us in the West, to use the political system to bring a halt to the deadly crusades of the war profiteers, whilst others who are occupied can rightly use the bullet to resist occupation, we can use the ballot right here to effect change.

Either that or join me in improving your Ving Tsun techniques.



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2 responses to “Afghan Resistance Deploy New Weapon….Kung Fu

  1. salam . man az daftare markazi federacion jahani tamas migiram .
    professor javad Lesani , 10 th degree Belk Belt will come soon to Afghnistan baraye tadris sabke KUNG . FU . CROP va EURO FIGHT .
    agar kasi az ostadan mayel be gereftan namayandegi in 2 sabk hastan mitavanand ba ma tamas begirand .
    afradi ke dar curse kunf fu crop shekat namayand mitavanand certificate jahani daryaft namayand .

    ba tashakkor

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