Generation Jihad

I don’t recall the Irish being continually asked to do more to help against Republican terrorist groups.

Is he also going to tell the British population that they must do more to identify neo-Nazi terrorists?

What about the izzy passport holders living in the UK who continuously undertake terrorist activities in the occupied lands of Palestine?

The Beeb continue onwards with their slanted programming content.

But then again judging by last night’s programme I too am an extremist as I:

* Vehemently disagree with my government’s foreign policy – AKA the war of terror.

* That Palestinians, Iraqi’s and Afghan’s have the constitutional right to defend themselves from all foreign aggressors.

Pick up your mobile and give the goon squad a call and tell them you found a terrorist suspect.

If that’s the measuring stick, expect millions of others in the UK to be of the “Generation Jihad”.



Filed under Islamophobia, Media Unspeak, UK politics

3 responses to “Generation Jihad

  1. J'free

    Some very pertinent points you’ve raised

  2. Ani

    Very interesting….missed the show, will check it out

  3. More Spin!

    The whole series was biased and skewed.

    At least the entire PVE agenda is out there in the open now…at least the dunce’s out there will know what’s involved in taking PVE cash.

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