Vote None Of The Above

With all the talk about overhauling the voting system to restore our confidence in politicians, it got me thinking, wouldn’t it be better to have a “Vote For None Of The Above” box on our ballot papers?

The fallacy of the voting system is that if you choose to hold a protest vote, by simply not bothering to turn up to vote, then you get the scum bag racists like the BNP or the closeted scum bag racists UKIP winning seats, or even pro Zionist MP’s being parachuted into safe seats.

MP’s always have the felicitous reasoning of demanding why didn’t you vote?

The truth is you give us no reason to vote for you, you constantly lie and we don’t trust you.

To have a system where you could declare your active non-vote would be a brilliant way to get the message across to the political system of this country. The politicians and the media will always write off non-voters as being lazy, apathetic or non-political, none of them are ever able to arrive to the simple conclusion that perhaps they are not voting to make a protest, as their voices aren’t being heard.

Mark Thomas is on the right lines on how the system needs to be totally overhauled. His brilliant tour of “The People’s Manifesto” outlines what the people want, after all this is a system of governance by the people, for the people, right?

The idea that all MP’s should wear logo’s of all the companies that sponsor them is a brilliant one, a bit like F1 drivers do on their racing suits, so next time a MP opens their mouth, we can instantly judge which special interest is at work.

Or simply do like Richard Pryor did in Brewster’s Millions:

Unfortunately, we are not a threat to anyone if we choose not to vote.

By voting you make the prospective MP listen to what you have to say, make them chase your vote.

To hell with it, vote none of the above.


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4 responses to “Vote None Of The Above

  1. Kirsten

    I just submitted this to digg! I love ittttt

  2. Robert

    I don’t mean to be too in your face with this, but let’s just say I definitely have a different view on the subject. Great post though…

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  4. Hi, it was my suggestion to Mark about the MPs wearing logo’s of people who pay or sponsor them, like F1 drivers, it also made the radio Show, broadcast in Feb 2010, I’ve only just seen the book cover today on amazon!!
    Can’t help thinking the #hackgate inquiry would have been EVEN MORE INTERESTING if we saw how many MPs and Police officers were wearing NEWS INTERNATIONAL logo’s on their uniforms…

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