European Based Israeli Death Squad Wanted For Hamas Assassination

Police are hunting 11 suspects with European passports, including a woman, for the murder in a Dubai hotel room of a Hamas commander.

The hit team which killed Mahmud al-Mabhuh last month was made up of six British passport holders, three with Irish passports, including the woman, and the holders of a German and a French passport, Dhafi Khalfan said.

Clockwise from top left: British passport holders Louis Graham, Paul Keeley, James Clarke, Melvyn Mildiner, Michael Barney, Stephen Hodes

Irish passport-holders Kevin Daveron, Gail Foliard, Evan Dennings

French national’ Peter Elvinger and ‘German national’ Michael Bodenheimer

All of the suspects left the United Arab Emirates within 19 hours of arriving.

The assassination squad posed as a group of tennis enthusiasts as their primary cover.

According to the Sunday Times newspaper, citing unidentified Middle East sources, Mabhuh on arrival in Dubai was followed by two men described by local police as “Europeans carrying European passports.”

The hit squad injected Mabhuh with a drug that induced a heart attack, photographed all the documents in his briefcase, and left a “do not disturb” sign on the door, it said.

Over the years, a number of Hamas leaders have been murdered by acts of state sponsored terrorism in what Israel calls “targeted killings.”

In 2004, Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was killed in an Israeli helicopter gunship attack in Gaza.

One month later, another Hamas leader in the enclave, Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi, was killed when two missiles hit his car.

In 1997, Israeli agents tried to poison Hamas’ exiled political supremo Khaled Meshaal in Amman.

The zionist state has a long and well polished routine of extra judicial assassinations, so it should come as no surprise to anyone who is aware of mossads’s MO and lengthy history of criminal activity.

What’s even worse is that these individuals have sanctuary in our very shores, can we expect our government to act over this, if they don’t then for me our government is bowing down yet again to a foreign agency and therefore are in direct collusion with the perpetrators of aggression.

It is natural that Hamas will seek retribution, but when it comes, no one will remember who drew first blood, the zionist state will be given carte blanche to respond with an over the top punishment, despite all their attempts recently to provoke Hamas, and by constantly violating the air space of Lebanon & Syria, the Muslim world has shown a great amount of restraint, but for how long can that continue?



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7 responses to “European Based Israeli Death Squad Wanted For Hamas Assassination

  1. javed

    israel is the victim in all this israel runs and controls all the western media and there attack dogs are every were, as soon as you question what israel is doing they pounce on you like hungry dogs accuseing you of being anti-semetic and all kinds of crap, people are sick and tired of this evil disgusting bully this above the law policy the world has towards it needs to stop, israels secretary Hillary Clinton has been running around to drum up support for a attack on iran can you believe it the american secretary of state is running around like a lost poodle for israel if that aint power than what is…

  2. 'stan

    When will the “West” tighten the leash around the neck of this rabid zionist dog?

    so much for the great “intelligence” apparatus the UK has, despite all the legislations passed in the last ten years.

    yeah let’s get ID cards in, it’ll make it even easier for the criminals and crooks to hijack my identity.

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  4. Maq

    Let’s hope they get the scum that did it.

  5. Gira

    More proof of the criminal nature of the israelis, as if it were needed.

  6. It is time that our government realises that this so called ‘ally’ of ours is a terror state, and we should be ashamed of ever having any diplomatic and business ties with Israel.

    We demand that our government stops bending its back to Israel , and punishes this Zionist terror state.

  7. Jus

    If this is indeed the case, it really is worrying.

    What are the British Government doing as the security and safety of it’s citizens are being put at risk by this irresponsible behaviour?

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