IDF Soldier Gets A Beating In Dubai

The beating I refer to was dished out by Venus Williams to Shahar Pe’er in the semi finals of the Dubai Open tennis tournament.

While the row escalates between our foreign office and the zionist regime amongst further revelations that the mossad assassination squad that killed Mahmoud al-Mahbhouh were carrying diplomatic passports to enter Dubai.

Why did Dubai kowtow to the israeli’s?

In case you don’t know Shahar served as a member of the IDF.

She’s had the nerve to state:

“I don’t think there is a place for politics in sport. It’s a shame that someone thinks it is my fault that there are problems in the world.”

Quite how she could assert that belief is quite ridiculous.

The Australians For Palestine group have covered this in great detail, so head on over for a read on the politics V sport debate.

I remember tennis ace Rafa Nadal saying:

“I keep telling myself it is against humanity if you don’t help children in the Gaza Strip,”

Referring to the israeli slaughter of Gaza’s civilian population in 2009.

This comes on the back of a BBC report that glamorises women’s roles in the IDF.

“It’s a very, very, very cool experience, to shoot a gun – I love it!”

So nothing wrong what-so-ever with having child killers being allowed into your country to play a little tennis.

Still, Shahar, could have been a lot worse, it’s only tennis, you could have ended up with a bullet between your eyes, mossad style.


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