64% Say Afghan War Unwinnable

64% of people say the Afghan war is now unwinnable, according to a recent poll commissioned by the BBC’s Newsnight programme. Now that President Karzai has effectively usurped his own position by going from puppet leader to a dictator by taking control of the electoral commission which exposed the rampant corruption involved in his 2009 election win.

How much longer will the indigenous population of Afghanistan and British troops be slaughtered and maimed in this never ending war to support a corrupt president whom the majority of Afghans feel was imposed on them by an invading and occupying force.

Hamidullah says he is a member of the Taliban fighting against Operation Moshtarak – a joint Afghan-Nato offensive centred around Marjah, in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province.

He told Al Jazeera
that the foreign troops’ offensive is not succeeding, as they often kill civilians instead of Taliban fighters.

As a result, he says the Afghan people now support the Taliban more than before.

His statements come after a Nato air strike on what was assumed to be a bus carrying Taliban fighters on Sunday, killed 33 Afghan civilians.

In previous, so called wars that are fought on “conventional” terms, you always had a front line which would move forwards and backwards depending on the tactics and opposing forces wore recognisable uniforms.

In Afghanistan there is no front line and the “enemy” do not wear uniforms, they have the ability to conceal themselves into their surroundings whenever they wish, this is the hallmarks of a Guerilla Army, tactics the West so admirably taught an earlier generation to fight against the Russian Red Army that was occupying Afghanistan.

On the simple basis of historical precedent, this “war” will never be won on a military basis, our inept politicians must find a way to withdraw, without any further losses of life to the people of Afghanistan or to the troops who are dying for a cause they cannot comprehend.



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3 responses to “64% Say Afghan War Unwinnable

  1. Well Said

    In this case in particular I’m quite sure that US was supporting this group. VOA once had a live interview with this guy. More funny is how BBC introduced this group!!!

    “Although Jundullah has recently adopted the jihadi tactic of suicide bombings, it seems more accurate to characterise it is a nationalist group with local grievances than part of Bin Laden’s global jihad”


    Closing a road and killing first 25 persons who pass the road is just methods of sadistic terorrists NOT nationalists!!!

    I think BBC simply qualified itself as a media supporting the terrorism with the comment above!!

  2. G Raff

    64% of britain are absolutely right….. afghan war can’t never be won…..

  3. Taliban practically kaput, crushed, what war ?


    Ukraine !

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