Birth Defects Rise In Fallujah

Back in September 2009, I spoke about the war crimes the invading forces committed in Fallujah, and the indiscriminate usage of weaponry containing depleted uranium on a civilian population and how it was causing birth defects on the yet unborn muslims of Iraq.

After all these months, big media have finally decided this warrants precious attention away from covering the sexual antics of the former England football captain and whether a pop singer dumps her footballing husband, seems like you really have your priorities set.

The US military says it is not aware of any official reports showing an increase in birth defects in the area.

Probably too busy raping the land for it’s oil to notice such trivialities.

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One response to “Birth Defects Rise In Fallujah

  1. Mr M

    The west says its because of inbreeding. Their actions never had anything to do with these problems.

    Also, they did not kill millions of Iraqis but Iraqis killed themselves.

    These above denials should be criminalised in just countries, and I cannot tolerate them any longer as I consider them as serious as those who deny other genocides.

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