Why Attack Iran?

All the time there is a growing clamour to attack Iran.


Iran has a proven oil and gas reserve worth $85bn

Watch the unmissable interview with Michel Chossudovsky, a Canadian economist and visiting professor of economics at the University of Ottawa, he also heads up the independent think tank Global Research. Chossudovsky believes that the U.S. is planning for war, and in an interview with Russia Today, he outlines the reasons why.



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2 responses to “Why Attack Iran?

  1. NRG supply

    It’s all about energy supply.

    terrorism is all bullshit, it’s a manufactured primer designed to hoodwink the masses of idiots that make up this world.

    it just so happens muslims live on the lands where the last few drops of oil and gas remain.

    they have it….we want it…

    so we can continue to live the BS easy life we lead, and our greedy corporations can turn a profit to their shareholders.

  2. Larki

    The israeli’s have been trying their best for the last few years to get their butt buddies to go after Iran.

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