Terrorism + Non Muslim = Not A Terrorist

kamel bourgass nicky davison

See anything wrong with that equation?

The question has to be asked doesn’t it?

Where is the media hyperbole when a person is caught with an arsenal of chemical weapons, ready to be deployed at a moments notice?

Does it suddenly become lesser news when the persons arrested are not Muslim?

Those of you with a memory may remember hearing about a “ricin plot” and yet there was no ricin to be found.

The plan by bungling would be über terrorist Kamel Bourgass could not have produced ricin, nevermind his ill conceived delivery plan to simply leave a trail of it in public places, not realising that for it to work it has to enter the human body.

This of course was jumped upon and trumpeted as the first real “terror plot” after 9/11 the UK had faced, and successfully triumphed over, followed by the now celebratory back slapping and praise singing of the intelligence authorities.

The level of impact of this case should be contextualised, it came two months before the invasion of Iraq, Colin Powell cited it in his presentation to the UN and the press coverage that it generated was massive in both response and in the disingenuous rhetoric it generated. Our government was just as culpable, it did it’s level best to facilitate matters by failing to inform anyone until Bourgass’ trial was over that there had been no ricin after all.

What would be the media reaction if a similar case where ricin was on the menu, central to a breaking case of terrorism?

Most of us would expect a similar response as the Bourgass case, would we not?

I admit the media’s hankering about a “Dirty Bomb” means that lesser plots may not get game time, after all, ricin isn’t as “sexy” as other methods although it’s probably too late to mention that to Alexander Litvinenko or Georgi Markov.

So isn’t it strange that no coverage has been given to the case of father and son terrorist tag team Ian & Nicky Davison.

Unlike the Bourgass case, the Davison’s did concoct a usable amount of ricin, which was found in their family kitchen. Davison senior did cop a to a guilty plea, no surprise there as he had actually produced a chemical weapon, while the police raid found a plethora of explosives manuals useful for preparing for acts of terrorism.

Just in case you needed telling, Davison is the latest in a long line of right-wing extremists to be brought before the courts on explosive or terrorist charges. The reason it doesn’t grab the headlines is he isn’t a Muslim, and it doesn’t particularly fit into the paradigm of the “Islamic Jihadi Terrorist”.

Why don’t the “intelligence agencies” (an oxymoron if there ever was one) carry out a little due diligence and investigate “the knowns”. What groups was he associated with, is he part of a “worldwide terror plot”, like all radical Muslims are, or will it be explained by the “he acted alone” theory that the other white supremacist Timothy McVeigh was afforded.

Kamel Bourgass was sentenced for 17 years for his idiocy, so what awaits the Davison’s?

What sentence will be handed down, considering the pair had ricin in their possession.

Peter Clarke, then Anti-Terror Chief claimed that Bourgass’s conviction, was a “real and deadly threat” that had been averted.

So let’s hope we hear the exact same sentiments being echoed by John McDowall, on the steps of the court house after the judge has given his sentence.

If it is, I for one will be able to rest a bit easier knowing that the same rules apply to all those who threaten the lives of the great and good citizen of our shores.

If the agenda and sense of duty remain consistent that is.



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4 responses to “Terrorism + Non Muslim = Not A Terrorist

  1. sky

    some very pertinent issues raised on the way media reports such events.

  2. M G

    would be bombers have always said their actions were politically motivated, they didn’t blow themselves up to further the cause of Islam they all said they did it because of their muslim brothers and sisters being killed in muslim lands by the west.

    So bombing plots are not religiously motivated but politically motivated.

  3. Theisson

    The reality is that it does not matter what his faith is, just like it does not matter when a “Muslim” attempts a plot, it has nothing do with religion.

    But the fundamental question is, why is it acceptable when a Muslim is involved that his faith is brought into the equation and when its a non-Muslim this does not happen.

    Can you really blame some for thinking that there is a war being waged against Islam?

  4. Zain

    Is terrorism worse when Muslims are involved?

    I wonder why this hasn’t been breaking news on the major media t.v outlets?

    I have been told this guy was also a member of the BNP but I can’t confirm this at present.

    If this is the case its becoming a growing trend.

    David Copeland was also a former BNP member.

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