“Sam Cam” Humanises “Good Bloke Dave”

As the electioneering campaign begins to hot up, The Akh was none too surprised to see Tory HQ roll out samantha cameron to extol the virtues of her husband “good bloke dave”.

The attempts by the tories to appeal to the “working man” by humanising Cameron to help him engage with voters when he hits the campaign trail, is all part of the game.

It gets a bit laughable when the women who’s delivering it all is the daughter of a baronet, stepdaughter of a viscount and creative director of Smythson.

Really can’t get closer to “the people” if you tried.

The always thorough Craig Murray asked the question earlier this week “The Election – What’s The Point?”

Voter apathy will play a much larger part in this election then at any other time, if you choose not to vote, you effectively give idiots like the BNP your vote.

The Muslim vote as it where, has the chance of a far greater impact, if, like I believe, Muslims have been stung into action and become more politicised since the last election and now’s the chance to air your opinions.

We could go down the “None of the above” option like I stated previously, or we remember the fact that last election, the lying war criminal tony blair got re-elected with four out of five people not voting for him – that cannot be right – and cannot be allowed to happen again.

When you choose not to vote, you put yourself on the bench, while the game is being played out on the pitch, you are no threat to the opposition by being out on the sidelines.

Get yourself warmed up, and get out onto that pitch, only by being out on the pitch do you become a goal scoring threat.

It looks likely to be a closer-fought election than expected, make these politicians fight for your vote, don’t just hand it over.

Two million Muslims who could possibly vote, and you think you can’t make the change?

Think again.


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