Racist National Front Win Big In French Elections

Voter turnout in the French regional elections were poorer then expected, the abstention rate was put at some 52%, a record for a regional election.

All the traditional parties took a battering, as Jean-Marie Le Pen’s racist National Front have done better than expected, with up to 12% of the vote.

Le Pen’s racist campaign was highlighted with a “No To Islam” theme protesting against the self concocted conspiracy theory these halfwits have created against the so called “Islamisation of Europe”.

France has one of the most sizeable Muslim populations in Europe, and yet I’m sure the Muslim turnout would make for depressing reading.

Like I said in a earlier post, if you don’t bother to vote, then the scum of this world will get into positions of power and will make your life hell.

I have given you fair warning, the BNP are looking to make serious inroads in the forthcoming UK general elections, backed with voter apathy just a few hundred votes will get them into office.

It becomes a duty for everyone to stop the evil from gaining root and strengthening further.

Make sure what’s happened thirty miles over the channel doesn’t cross over here in a couple of months time.


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One response to “Racist National Front Win Big In French Elections

  1. KoF

    Around 400 out of 646 MP’s have been ordered to repay their expenses and Stephen Byers decribes himself as a “cab for hire” to change legislation at £5000 per day.

    A general election is in the offing where they expect the public to vote.

    The media is likely to interpret every vote for a major political party as an endorsement of the system.

    But change is happening in across the continent and the people are being heard.

    What say you?

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