MP’s Get Pay Rise While We Lose Our Jobs

How can these politicians take thousands of pounds in wage increases after the mess they made of running this country?

Sixty six thousand pounds for doing what?

At a time when 2.6 million have no jobs and increasing wage culls across both the private and public sector, politicians’ pay packets go up?

The pay rise will prove a hard one to swallow, as some MP’s have noted the “awkwardness” of the timing of the pay rise, as it come into effect in three weeks, just in time for the general election campaign.

Try writing to your MP, they don’t even bother replying, unless you count their secretary doing it for them, and a computer that prints their signature as a true response that is – did the MP even read the letter?

Bet he did if I said I wanted to make a contribution.

The greedy politicians should take heed, seems as if they learnt nothing from the expenses scandal.

It’ll soon be the time to remind these MP’s that they are effectively our servants, we pay for them to look after our interests, not for them to line their pockets.

A change is coming.


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