What’s Happening At The AIPAC 2010 Conference?

Ask most people about AIPAC and they’ll scratch their head aimlessly and look at you with the “what you talkin’ bout willis?” look.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is the 1200 pound silver back gorilla that dominates the American political system like no other lobby can.

This week they’ve been having their annual conference, a stones throw away from Capitol Hill, and are pulling out all the stops to defuse  tensions with the U.S. over the building of more illegal homes on illegally occupied land and of course to go to war with Iran.

Netanyahu and his zionist cohorts seem to conveniently forget international law whenever it suits their position.

Jerusalem is unequivocally occupied Palestinian territory, the International Courts of Justice, the world’s highest court of law has stated so in it’s advisory opinion of 2004. The Israeli’s captured the area doing the 1967 war, and no territory captured during a war is legitimised, and that’s the ruling of international law.

Israel has no wish to negotiate on any platform, and will continue to use its disproportionate influence to hold the political elite of America to ransom, and will use it to bend them to their demands.

The excerpts of Dr. Finkelstein are worth watching.

J Street are a pro Israel, pro zionist movement, watch below as rival israeli activists locked horns at Monday’s AIPAC conference in Washington as leading zionist commentator Alan Dershowitz launched a blistering attack on pro-peace group J Street.


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One response to “What’s Happening At The AIPAC 2010 Conference?

  1. Lobbying AmeriKKKa

    Lobbying AmeriKKKa to main, kill and bombard more Muslims.

    The zionists promoted the slaughter in Iraq and are now looking to build a consensus to attack Iran, while giving arms and training to India to fight Pakistan.

    Zionism is the biggest virus on this planet, and needs to be eliminated.

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