My Trip To The 2012 London Olympic Site

Last week “The Akh” had a chance to visit the ongoing construction site that will eventually become the 2012 Olympic Park in Stratford, London.

Despite the machine guns, patrol dogs and being buzzed by the occasional low flying Chinook, it was an enjoyable experience, like watching a real life lego set being built before your very eyes.

I have uploaded the complete picture slide show, so you can have a look by clicking through

I had mixed feelings about this, on one hand it’s an immense waste of money, yes, just think of all the schools and hospitals we could build, on the other hand it regenerates a whole swathe of an otherwise downtrodden and neglected East London.

Whatever your opinion, the scale of the construction is of a gargantuan proportion and some of the engineering is truly first class.

Let’s hope it delivers some kind of value to the tax payer, I wonder what the cost per million will be for every Gold medal we win in 2012?

Can I get a ticket?

Fat chance of that happening.


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2 responses to “My Trip To The 2012 London Olympic Site

  1. Randompotamous

    Looks great bro.

    I am qualifying from university this year and will be leaving my pad near east london in a few months.

    What a shame I am leaving as this development is finishing!

    I love reading your blog.

    A loyal fan.

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