Jews Furious As Synagogues Used For Target Practice

Jewish groups are demanding an apology from the British Army after it emerged that synagogues were erected on military firing ranges, to be used as target practice.

Several replica synagogues were built on an army range in the UK to prepare soldiers for combat in the Middle East.

The chairman of the Jewish board of deputies has called for the cut-outs to be removed immediately.

A Jewish lobby group said that the structures were being used as a ‘symbol of danger’ and served to reinforce the negative stereotypes of Jews and accused the British Army of blatant anti-semitism.

An army spokesman said the structures were ‘generic Eastern buildings’.

To be 100% accurate, substitute the words Jew for Muslim and anti-semitism for Islamophobia.

Our Jewish friends, or any other religious denomination wouldn’t stand for it, so why should the Muslims?

It is shocking that the army should place ‘replica mosques’ on a firing range given the Geneva Convention’s provisions for their protection in theatres of war. The move is all the more distressing as British Muslims endure the continued efforts of the EDL & the Far Right as they rampage through towns and cities in the UK setting its sights firmly on mosques.

There is also the fact that the use of ‘replica mosques’ at army training facilities surfaced last year and was meant to be have been addressed back then.

Whether the MOD intended to offend religious sensibilities is neither here nor there. It must take responsibility for the consequences of its actions in placing the replica mosques on a firing range and act to dispel any such notion that mosques are legitimate targets, as Engage assert correctly.


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One response to “Jews Furious As Synagogues Used For Target Practice

  1. nice bit of "Unspeak"

    nice tactic there akh.

    …no other religion would stand for it…why should muslims?

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