The People’s Manifesto…This Is What I Want To See Happen

We’ve had a week of Brown, Cameron & Clegg telling us why we should elect them to lead our country out of its present troubles.

The Akh has to reason that statesmanship is too much to ask, but I have yet to detect the remotest sign of leadership qualities in any of them, nevermind having any real original thoughts.

I’ve outlined my thoughts on “My Politik” page, so I won’t be regurgitating it again, however, I was interested to see Mark Thomas’s People’s Manifesto reach it’s conclusion.

The following manifesto policies were chosen by the audience at Mark Thomas’ “The Manifesto” show at the National Theatre in London on 7th April 2010.

1. There should be a referendum before going to war.

2. If it pisses down with rain on a bank holiday, it will be considered a rollover.

3. Trident will be scrapped.

4. Newspaper retractions will be printed in the same font size and on the same page as the offending article. The Daily Mail should be forced to print on the front of every edition the words “This is a fictionalized account of the news and any resemblance to the truth is entirely coincidental.”

5. A cap will be put on house prices, relative to the average wage in the area and more council houses will be built in these areas.

6. People who complain there are too many immigrants will be banned from restaurants serving anything other than British food.

7. The railways will be re-nationalised.

8. The introduction of a ‘maximum wage’.

9. The introduction of a Tobin Tax (Robin Hood Tax) to tax foreign financial transactions.

10. All ministers will have had experience of their ministry prior to taking office.

11. MPs should not be paid salaries but loans, like students. MPs often get highly paid jobs on leaving Parliament as a consequence of having attended Parliament, they should therefore repay the loan.

12. Dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs should be forced to wear the offending turd as a moustache for the rest of the day.

13. MPs should have to wear tabards displaying the names and logos of the companies with whom they have a financial relationship, like a racing driver.

It’s good to see Mark Thomas has helped to get the interest up, in getting rid of corrupt politicians by standing Danny Kushlick as an independent candidate standing in the constituency of Bristol West.

The Akh would love to see some of these passed, and wonders whether a system for the people, by the people, will truly grip our collective imaginations.

What would you like to see added?

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