It’s All White At Scotland Yard

For the first time in over a decade, the Metropolitan Police biggest gang in Britain have an exclusive all white leadership, after the last coloured ethnic minority officer was forced into retirement.

Acting deputy assistant commissioner Shabir Hussain “left” in February – 18 months after unsuccessfully suing the force for racial discrimination. It means there is no ethnic minority deputy commissioner, assistant commissioners, DACs or commanders among the 45 most senior ranks of the force in London, a city in which more than a quarter of people are non-white.

The institutionally racist MET do not seem to be concerned to change their raison d’etre, as 1999’s Macpherson report recommended.

Shabir Hussain stated he was repeatedly overlooked for promotion in favour of white candidates. He accused Commissioner Sir Ian Blair of excluding black and Asian detectives in favour of a “golden circle” of white officers, before stating:

“My face did not fit and did not fit because I am not white”

and on finding his case was unsuccessful:

“I’m disappointed but the hearing did expose the shortcomings of the promotion process. I aim to carry on with my career as normal”

Within a matter of a few months, deputy assistant commissioner Shabir Hussain took retirement, meaning he was forced to leave his job.

In 2008 Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, was the most senior of three minority ethnic officers. Assistant Commissioner Ghaffur became aggrieved at what he felt were repeated snubs, and spectacularly fell out with the then commissioner Sir Ian Blair, and publicly called him a racist.

At the time Assistant Commissioner Ghaffur stated:

“My current case is essentially to do with my treatment at the highest levels of the Met, in particular the discrimination I have been subject to over a long period of time by the present commissioner Sir Ian Blair.

“It is to do with the continuation of that treatment into the very important job I was doing as the co-ordinator of the security and safety of the 2012 Olympics.”

“I feel harassed, degraded and humiliated because I am Asian and Muslim”

A Muslim leading the security at the London Olympics?

The impudence of such a suggestion!

Ghaffur was forced to leave the force with a payout.

Commander Ali Dizaei was also framed and dismissed from his job, there were several allegations laid against him including that Iranian born Dizaei was taking drugs, using prostitutes, fiddling his expenses, fraud, dishonesty and even MI5 suspicions that he was spying for Iran.

Yet despite being the subject of the biggest ever corruption inquiry into a single officer, he always emerged unscathed. On each occasion he was cleared of all charges, my view is that he was subjected to a racist witch hunt that eventually saw him locked up.

The Akh would like to see the make up of the gangsters at the MET reflect that of the people they are supposedly here to protect and serve. All ethnic minority officers should not be elected as “nodding dogs” but be empowered with real decision making powers and be given an equal and fair chance of promotion that is afforded to their white colleagues.

In the meantime, The Akh will reminisce to NWA’s immortal lines, was it really released in 1988? seems like yesterday.


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3 responses to “It’s All White At Scotland Yard

  1. Insider

    Ok, obviously I am not that good at research so here goes, without any links or anything. Everything I say here is from my mouth and its totally upto you if you accept it or not.

    I understand the angle your hitting with this article but:

    Ali Dizaei

    Ali Dizaei has been found guilty and convicted of perjury at his most recent case at a restaurant and I don’t need to go into the details as this was all shown on tv most recently. He is therefore serving a 4 year sentence for corruption – he should’ve been locked up a long time ago trust me.

    From the ground all the way upto the top – the word was that he was a crook and this is not just from white officers but from everyone and nobody liked him.

    He used the BME card to go up – hence he was not a member of the Muslim Police Association but was a member of the Black Police Association cos he new he would get more support. The Muslim Police Association did not even go near him cos he had dirt on him from the beginning.

    Once he was locked up, the Black Police Association washed their hands off of him publicly cos he is SO dirty and it took them that long to figure this out.

    Trust me, he was no angel and no – I cannot provide any concrete facts but everything I am saying is/was common knowledge.

    His son was regularly arrested and used to be arrested for various offences from public disorder to drugs offences.

    Everytime he was arrested he used to mouth off how he was gonna get his dad to get him out.

    Shabbir Hussain

    I disagree with the fact that Cmdr Shabbir Hussain left due to racism because if that was so, what was the outcome of the case and the employment tribunal?

    If he had a grevience then he should have followed this all the way through to the House of Lords / now the Supreme Court and then onto the ECHR if he thought he had a case, the Police Federation will have funded that as this is what they usually do and he has plenty of money to fund that.

    Going up the ladder is hard work – and if you aint good enough then you aint gonna get it.

    Tariq Ghaffur

    Same with AC Ghaffur – he was not chosen as his backround was CID / investigations – he used to head up SCD – Specialist Crimes Directorate which is all of the Murder Squad, Op Trident, Flying Squad etc.

    Whereas a better candidate was AC Charles Allison whom had an all uniform backround – who was then given the job and is now incharge of the Olympics. He used to be the Gold Commander at GT of pretty much every single large scale public events so he is very experienced. (GT is the control room at the Yard where all the decisions are made and no – AC Ghaffur knows jack about uniform response – his background was always CID)

    Compared with SCD work which is managing several thousand detectives – AC Ghaffur was never gonna get that job and he knew it – everyone at the time knew it – it was a no brainer – how can a detective manage uniform at the Olympics – like I said it was never gonna happen.

    You can’t just play the race card just cos things don’t go your way – at the end AC Ghaffur got a huge settlement/payout and add that to his already huge pension – and well, lets not go there.

    The reason for me writing all of this is because I personally disagree with your angle as I used to work for them and know for sure that this is not how it was.

    The met chiefs are all white now, yes, but the brown guys were no angels – they didn’t make it to the top cos they wern’t good enough – simple.

    This is only my opinion, whther you accept/like it or not is another matter.

    • Luisa


      ‘common knowledge’ is actually gossip and rumour. It does not represent fact or truth.

      The Muslim Police Association is a faith based association which is relatively a new group whereas the BPA was established in the 90’s. Dizaei was already a member why should he leave it.

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