Rupert Murdoch To Be Locked Out of Next Government?

Back in October 2009, I pointed out how Rupert Murdoch and his News International media empire were switching their alliance from the Labour Party to the Conservatives.

David Yelland was Murdoch’s editor at The Sun The Scum between 1998 & 2003. In a recent article in the Guardian, Yelland described the threat posed to his former bosses at News International by the Lib Dem “surge” whilst taking shots at the media’s Tory bias propaganda.

Yelland went on to state:

“Make no mistake, if the Liberal Democrats actually won the election – or held the balance of power – it would be the first time in decades that Murdoch was locked out of British politics.

In so many ways, a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote against Murdoch and the media elite.

I can say this with some authority because in my five years editing the Sun I did not once meet a Lib Dem leader, even though I met Tony Blair, William Hague and Iain Duncan Smith on countless occasions. (Full disclosure: I have since met Nick Clegg.)”

The “King-Maker” role of the Pro Zionist Murdoch-owned media should be apparent to everyone, it is one that has supported the Labour-Tory nexus in recent decades.

Murdoch’s continuous switch hitting from Conservative to Labour back to Conservative, reflects the corrosive power that lends itself to British journalism.

Yelland continued:

“Over the years the relationships between the media elite and the two main political parties have become closer and closer to the point where, now, one is indistinguishable from the other. Indeed, it is difficult not to think that the lunatics have stopped writing about the asylum and have actually taken it over.

We now live in an era when very serious men and women stay out of politics because our national discourse is conducted by populists with no interest in politics whatsoever. What we have in the UK is a coming together of the political elite and the media in a way that makes people outside London or outside those elites feel disenfranchised and powerless. But all that would go to pot if Clegg were able to somehow pull off his miracle.

For he is untainted by it.

Mehdi Hassan rightly points out:

The fact is these papers, and others, decided months ago that Cameron was going to win. They are now invested in his victory in the most undemocratic fashion. They have gone after the prime minister in a deeply personal way and until last week they were certain he was in their sights.

I hold no brief for Nick Clegg. But now, thanks to him – an ingenue with no media links whatsoever – things look very different, because now the powerless have a voice as well as the powerful.

Murdoch’s News International has a portfolio of titles in the UK including SKY Broadcasting and newspaper titles icluding The Scum, The Times & News of the World.

Through these he is able to influence public opinion, which Chomsky described in his book “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media” as being “The Five Filters of the Propaganda Model”.

In the run up to the Iraq invasion, Rupert Murdoch and his 175 newspaper editors worldwide all backed Bush’s policies in the Middle East, and were prominent in whipping up a frenzy to go to war.

It got even stranger when a FOI request showed that Rupert Murdoch had phoned Downing Street on several occasions to speak with Tony Blair, the very week it was decided that Britain would invade Iraq.

This came on the back of Murdoch saying, that invading Iraq would be of a benefit if:

“The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy, if you could put it that way, would be $20 a barrel for oil. That’s bigger than any tax cut in the any country.”

I was there at all the Anti War demo’s, and I remember hearing George Galloway’s speech.

Blair’s relationship with Murdoch makes for interesting reading.

On Tony Blair’s departure from number 10 Downing Street, he promptly agreed a book deal on his autobiography, for the princely advance, rumoured to be in the region of 6-7 Million Pounds.

The deal was struck with Random House Publishing, a title owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News International.

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking this was Murdoch’s payback to Blair for services rendered. After all there is no other way this can be viewed, other than with the greatest of suspicions.


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    Suspicious indeed! You may enjoy my current post about Rupert Murdoch. When I found the information, it was eye opening.

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